Help Me Teach the Bible – Episodes By Scripture

Since 2015 Nancy Guthrie has been interviewing skilled Bible teachers all over the country and around the world. They discuss how to teach specific Bible books and how to get better at getting the message of the Bible across. You can receive episodes of Help Me Teach the Bible biweekly by subscribing to The Gospel Coalition’s Help Me Teach the Bible podcast.



Genesis: Richard Phillips on Teaching Genesis

Genesis: Colin Smith on How to Teach Christ in the Joseph Story

Exodus: Kevin DeYoung on Exodus 1–15

Exodus: Kevin DeYoung on Exodus 16–40

Leviticus: Jay Sklar on Teaching Leviticus

Numbers: Ligon Duncan on Numbers (Part 1)

Numbers: Ligon Duncan on Numbers (Part 2)

Deuteronomy: Scott Redd on Deuteronomy

Joshua: Dale Ralph Davis on Joshua

Judges: Iain Duguid on Judges

Ruth: Christopher Ash on Teaching Ruth

1 Samuel: Ryan Kelly on 1 Samuel (Part 1)

1 Samuel: Ryan Kelly on 1 Samuel (Part 2)

2 Samuel: John Woodhouse on 2 Samuel (Part 1)

2 Samuel: John Woodhouse on 2 Samuel (Part 2)

1 Kings: Gary Millar on 1 Kings (Part 1)

1 Kings: Gary Millar on 1 Kings (Part 2)

2 Kings: Andrew Sach on Teaching 2 Kings

1 Chronicles: Richard Pratt on Teaching 1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles: Mike Bullmore on 2 Chronicles

Ezra: Alan Messner on Teaching Ezra

Nehemiah: Alan Messner on Teaching Nehemiah

Esther: Christopher Ash on Teaching Esther

Job: Christopher Ash on Job

Psalms: Mark Futato on Teaching the Psalms

Psalms: Jim Hamilton on Typology in the Psalms

Proverbs: Ray Ortlund on Proverbs

Ecclesiastes: Harry Reeder on Teaching Ecclesiastes

Song of Solomon: Philip Ryken on Teaching Song of Solomon

Isaiah: Liam Goligher on Isaiah (Part 1)

Isaiah: Liam Goligher on Isaiah (Part 2)

Jeremiah: Paul House on Teaching Jeremiah

Lamentations: Colin Smith on Teaching Lamentations

Ezekiel: Iain Duguid on Teaching Ezekiel

Daniel: David Helm on Daniel

Hosea: David Murray on Teaching Hosea

Joel: Paul House on Teaching Joel

Amos: Michael McKelvey on Teaching Amos

Obadiah: Jonathan Gibson on Teaching Obadiah

Jonah: Colin Smith on Jonah

Micah: Stephen Um on Teaching Micah

Nahum: Nicolas Reid on Teaching Nahum

Habakkuk: David Helm on Teaching Habakkuk

Zephaniah: Will Wood on Teaching Zephaniah

Haggai: Michael Stead on Teaching Haggai

Zechariah: Anthony Petterson on Teaching Zechariah

Malachi: Lee Gattis on Malachi


Matthew: Douglas O’Donnell on Matthew

Mark: Derek Thomas on Mark

Luke: Benjamin Gladd on Teaching Luke

John: John Neufeld on Teaching John’s Call to Believe

John: Andrew Sach on How to Teach the ‘I Am’ Statements in John

Acts: Michael Lawrence on Acts

Romans: Michael Kruger on Romans 1–7

Romans: Michael Kruger on Romans 8–16

1 Corinthians: Greg Lanier on 1 Corinthians (Part 1)

1 Corinthians:Greg Lanier on 1 Corinthians (Part 2)

2 Corinthians: George Guthrie on 2 Corinthians

Galatians: J.V. Fesko on Galatians

Ephesians: Brian Chappell on Teaching Ephesians

Philippians: John Piper on Philippians (Part 1)

Philippians: John Piper on Philippians (Part 2)

Colossians: G. K. Beale on How to Teach Colossians

1 Thessalonians: Matt Smethurst on Teaching 1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians: Matt Smethurst on Teaching 2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy: Phillip Jensen on 1 Timothy

2 Timothy: John Currie on Teaching 2 Timothy

Titus: Brian Tabb on Teaching Titus

Philemon: Nate Shurden on How to Teach on Philemon and Slavery in the Bible

Hebrews: Sam Storms on Hebrews

James: Dan Doriani on James

1 Peter: John Piper on 1 Peter (Live Episode)

2 Peter: Jonathan Gibson on Teaching 2 Peter

1 John: David Helm on 1, 2, and 3 John

2 John: David Helm on 1, 2, and 3 John

3 John: David Helm on 1, 2, and 3 John

Jude: David Helm on Teaching Jude

Revelation: Greg Beale on Revelation and Nancy Guthrie on Revelation


Andy Davis on Scripture Memory for Bible Teachers

A Walk Through the Museum of the Bible with Scott Redd

Carlton Wynne on Apologetics 101 for Teachers

Colleen McFadden on How to Make an Argument from Your Bible

David Garner on How to Teach with Authority and Clarity

David & Sally Michaels on Raising the Bar When Teaching Children

David Murray on Typology

David Platt on Teaching that Ignites a Passion for the World (Live Episode)

David Robertson on the Cost of Cultural Engagement

Dennis Johnson on Teaching Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King

Desmond Alexander on a Biblical Theology of the City

Dick Lucas on What Makes an Excellent Teacher

Dobbs and Stainback on Selecting and Training Teachers

Don Carson on Teaching the Bible as One Book (Live Episode)

Ed Welch on Helping Those Wrestling with Shame, Addiction, or Anxiety

Elizabeth Groves on Context, Context, Context

Finn and Filson on What Teachers Can Learn from Jonathan Edwards

Graeme Goldsworthy on Biblical Theology

H.B. Charles, Jr. on Making Your Teaching Memorable

Howard Griffith on How to Teach the First and Last Adam

Irwin Ince and Sean Michael Lucas on Applying Scripture to Racism

Jackie Hill Perry on The Gospel for Sinners

Jared Wilson on Teaching Miracle Stories

Jen Wilkin on How to Organize and Orchestrate a Bible Study

Jennifer Marshall on Applying the Bible to Public Policy Issues

Jenny Salt and Carrie Sandom on Preparing a Bible Talk

Joe Novenson on Working Through a Text in Community

Jonathan Carswell on the Value of Christian Biography

Juan Sanchez on Image, Identity and Idolatry

Julius Kim on Teaching for Attention and Retention

Justin Taylor & Dane Ortlund on a Bible Teacher’s Library

Kay Arthur and David Arthur on a Legacy of Knowing God’s Word

Lane Tipton on Anchoring our Teaching in the Central Themes of the Bible

Lane Tipton on How the New Testament Helps Us Teach the Old Testament

Leigh Swanson on Teaching Women to Teach

Ligon Duncan on Covenant Theology vs. Dispensational Theology

Lydia Brownback on Bible Study Essentials and Challenges

Marty Machowski on Teaching Theology to Kids

McFadden and Helm on Tools for Getting to Meaning of the Text

Mark Meynell on Becoming a Better Bible Teacher

Melissa Kruger on Asking Better Questions

Michael Horton on the Campaign for Core Christianity

Miguel Núñez on Teaching the Five Solas from Scripture

Nancy Guthrie Answers Listener Questions

Nancy Guthrie on Developing the Skill of Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

Nancy Guthrie on the Eschatology of Eden

Nancy Guthrie on Why Do the Hard Work of Exposition?

Nancy Guthrie on Putting Passion and Personality Into Your Teaching

Paul Tripp on the Dangers Facing Every Bible Teacher

Peter Adam on How Not to Be Boring

Peter Orr on Teaching About Work

Rebecca McLaughlin on Answering Difficult Questions

Robert Smith on From Sorrow to Joy in the Scriptures

Rosaria Butterfield on Teaching with Openness Unhindered

Russell Moore on How to Teach About the Kingdom of God

Sam Allberry on Teaching the Bible in a Secular Context

Scott Swain on Teaching the Trinity

Simon Manchester on Getting the Message Across

Taylor Turkington and Courtney Doctor on TGC Women’s Training Network

Tim Keller on Teaching Skeptics (Live Episode)

Tony Reinke on How Our Phones Are Changing Us as Teachers

Trevin Wax on Gospel-Centered Teaching

Vern Poythress on Interpreting Scripture

Why Middle Eastern Women Want to Learn to Teach the Bible