Jeff Atherstone

Director of Donor Ministries

Don Carson

Founder and Theologian-at-Large

Collin Hansen

Vice President and Editor in Chief

Jeff Jue

Vice President of Operations

Tim Keller


Julius Kim


Melissa Kruger

Director of Women’s Initiatives

Tom Mathew

Director of Web

Brannon McAllister

Managing Director of Media

Brett McCracken

Communications Director and Senior Editor

Ivan Mesa

Editorial Director

Ann Westrate

Director of Events

Sharonda Cooper

Donor Ministries Associate

Daniel Helstrom

Accounting Manager and Executive Administrator

Joe Henegan

Manager of Marketing

Ruth Ostebo

Business Manager

Tim Savage

Regional Coordinator for Europe

Helen Van Vooren

Executive Assistant to the President

Becca Warren

Major Gifts Officer

Andrew Laparra

Production Manager

Courtney Doctor

Coordinator of Women’s Initiatives

Joanna Kimbrel

Content Coordinator

Lindsey Hutchinson

Coordinator of Women’s Events

Joe Carter

Senior Writer

Jamie Dean

International Editor

Megan Hill

Managing Editor

Brian McKanna

Associate Editor

Andy Naselli

Administrator of Themelios

Brian Tabb

Managing Editor of Themelios

Phil Thompson

Manager of Partnerships & Content Strategist

Cassie Watson

Copy Editor and Editorial Project Manager