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One Important Question for Social-Media Use

As millennials, we remember the thrill of joining Facebook soon after it launched. The network was only open to college students at the time, and we each anticipated the coveted .edu email address needed to create a profile. Immediately we began posting pictures, tagging friends in posts, and sharing about our days. Social media was the wild west of the online world, and no one was quite sure how to act. There were no blog posts about online etiquette. No podcasts about how to best…
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Generosity Could Change Your Life

This book contends that the central challenge to the church’s witness and effectiveness in the 21st century is the

Why I (Usually) Don’t Like Devotionals

For wary pilgrims, there is hope to be had, peace to enjoy, and joy to realize. But only through

What If Pastors Were More Like Doctors?

We must become intentional again about the spiritual war to which soul physicians are called.

Richard Dawkins’s Latest Case for Outgrowing God

Richard Dawkins’s latest atheistic tract consistently fails to engage opposing arguments and frequently falls short of the research standards