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Eschatology in an Age of Artillery Fire

I live in the war-torn eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where I teach theology at a small university. Last summer, I was directing an independent study in eschatology during a particularly unstable and violent season. Our task was to think through the coming of Christ in the context of Israel’s future hope. What had God promised his chosen people? What were God’s people expecting from him? We were reading the prophet Micah when the thunder of distant artillery fire began to…
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Church Planter, Don’t Despise the Mess

My neighborhood in Detroit is rightly classified as “the hood.” To be sure, there are more dangerous areas in the world, but my block isn’t Mr. Rogers’s neighborhood. Here, “neighboring” has become a lost art. People live in close proximity, but most are relationally distant, if not complete strangers. Constant crime, mistrust, fear, and poverty are pervasive and have shattered notions of being neighbors for many Detroiters. While it’s easy to…

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How to See Human-Trafficking Victims, Even in Your Church
Hollywood movies like Taken infect our understanding of human trafficking with notions of kidnappings on distant shores and a rogue FBI agent saving the day. But is that an accurate picture? What if a human-trafficking victim was a member of your youth group? Is that even possible? Raleigh Sadler, founder and executive director of Let My People Go, says it is. Sadler tells the story of Anna, a 17-year-old girl trafficked for sex by her boyfriend. Every Sunday, she sat in the back of a neighborhood church. When Sadler asked Anna how her congregation served her…

How to See Human-Trafficking Victims, Even in Your Church

How do we launch a fight when the person we seek to help is invisible?

A Fresh Look at the 5 Missionary Martyrs in Ecuador

Revisiting America’s most-told missionary story.

Why Christians Need More Paradox

For the Christian, paradox is the stuff of sanity.

A Vocabulary for Life’s Dark Days

How to voice your pain in prayer.