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The Most Overlooked Mission Field in America

I felt like a sellout. It was time to leave seminary and begin pastoral ministry, and I was taking the easy road by moving back to my hometown in Northern Florida. My seminary neighbor, I thought, was the true missionary, heading to plant churches in Northern California. I had “missional insecurity,” the way Christians feel when they plan a spring break trip to some resort before learning their friends are going on mission trip. All of this good education and knowledge about the urgency…
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Charles Woodbridge and the Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy

The story of the fundamentalist-modernist controversy constitutes a signally important chapter of American religious history. The present modest study constitutes a reception history of Charles Woodbridge’s personal glimpses and perceptions of Professor J. Gresham Machen and Professor Adolph von Harnack. It provides additional historical background with which to understand the careers of these two iconic figures in the fundamentalist-modernist controversy. The study also sheds further light on the long…

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Let Waiting Grow You

We wait for very little, so we get vexed if we have to wait for anything.

When Atheism Is Intellectually Weak

We evangelicals have too often conceded the intellectual high-ground to atheists.

Robert Alter’s Landmark Work Sheds Fresh Light on Old Testament

I can’t imagine ever studying an Old Testament passage without consulting this new work.

Where the American Dream Died

Want to find communities where the American dream is dead? Look for vacant church buildings.