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How the Shortage of Young Men in Churches Affects Marriage

The Story: American churches don’t just have a deficit of men—they have a shortage of unmarried young men. This trend makes it harder for young women to find mates who are spiritually compatible. The Background: In a new analysis of demographic data, Lyman Stone looks at the balance of young, unmarried Christians in American churches. Rather than focusing simply on the ratio of men to women, he looks at the ratio of young men and women under the age of 50 who have never…
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College Freshman, Commit to a Church

When I was a freshman in college, committing to a church didn’t feel like a big deal. I figured I could always just leave or stop going whenever I wanted. After all, it’s normal for people to bounce around to different churches in college, right? (I’m so grateful that, despite my noncommittal attitude, I never left the church I initially joined; my wife and I still are still actively…

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The Church-Budgeting Book You Didn’t Know You Need
I once heard a well-known Christian pastor say, “The business of the church is not the business of the church.” Since the mission of local churches isn’t to generate profits, congregations shouldn’t be distracted by the details of church finances. Sadly, time revealed the leader’s refusal to share information about church finances was more about covering his irresponsible use of the Lord’s resources than it was about encouraging the flock to stay on mission. Eventually, the pastor was dismissed, the church was mired in financial controversy, and Christ’s reputation in the community was damaged. This story is one reason church leaders…

The Church-Budgeting Book You Didn’t Know You Need

Your church budget is a spiritual document.

Help! I’m Brain-Fried and Burnt-Out

If you feel pulled in a thousand different directions, this book is for you.

What a Famous Poet Can Teach Rural Pastors

Three reasons I’ve been drawn to read and return to this classic work.

How to Thrive in a World of Competing Spectacles

We were created to see Christ. He is the spectacle we seek among this earthly theater.