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Biblical Theology Set to Music: ‘Hebrews’ by Psallos

Composers have been adapting and setting Scripture to music for centuries. The more poetic passages, such as from the prophetic books and the Psalms, are the most common sources. But narrative passages, too, have inspired grand works, like the Passion oratorios of Bach. As for treatments of whole books, some admirable examples from the last decade are The Book of Jonah by David Benjamin Blower and The Lamb Wins and
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Should Christians Demand That People Say ‘Merry Christmas’?

For many of us, Christmas isn’t quite what it used to be—the season has lost some of its luster. No, I’m not referring to the gradual disappearance of tinsel from our trees. Christmas has, like so many other subjects in modern America, become politicized and polarizing. Whether in business, government, education, or the media, referencing “Christmas” can almost seem more taboo than swearing. For Christian parents, this can be…

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Higher Education Must Address Free Speech and Social Justice

It would be hard to overstate the significance of social justice to the formation of many college students today.

You Know Charles Spurgeon. Now Meet His Wife.

Through debilitating difficulties, Susie loved her God and her family with excellence.

Francis Chan Calls for Reformation. But We Need Contextualization.

The gospel carries its own offense. Our role is to remove any needless offenses or distractions from the gospel.

Why Modern Christians Need an Ancient Creed

“No creed but the Bible” is a terrible creed.