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Confessions of a (Recovering) Social Media Fool

Within hours the narrative had been set on social media: a group of Catholic school boys from Kentucky harassed an elderly Native American man at a pro-life rally in Washington, DC. On Twitter the condemnations piled up, as did the condemnations of those who didn’t pile on fast enough. Soon came the inevitable doxing and death threats. A day past and then, just as quickly as it had congealed, the narrative was remolded. The line between victim and bully became blurred, and new villains…
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5 Myths About Seminary

It’s a question that burns in the minds of many young pastors after they surrender to God’s call to ministry. Should I go to seminary? There are many good reasons to attend a biblically faithful seminary or divinity school, but there are also many false notions that have grown up around schools that prepare ministers. Here are five such myths. 1. Seminary Is Cemetery It’s a tired cliché I’ve heard many times—typically from those…

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The Color of Compromise
Jemar Tisby’s The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism is a provocative and painful call to repentance for white evangelical Christians who have ignored their participation in racial injustice. Through an overview of 400 years of American church history, Tisby—who has graduate training in both American history and Reformed Christian theology and is president of The Witness, a black Christian collective—demonstrates that white American Protestants in both the North and South repeatedly used their theology and church institutions to perpetuate racial power imbalances in the name of Christ. Tisby’s Argument From Jonathan Edwards’s slaveholding to…

The Color of Compromise

Tisby issues a provocative and painful call to repentance for white evangelical Christians who have ignored their participation in

Why I Would Become a Stoic

If it could be proven that Christ didn’t rise from the dead, I would abandon Christianity and become a

How to Form a Christian Mind in a Digital World

Digital discipline is crucial for Christians who want to grow in their knowledge of God and his truth.

The Best Single-Volume Introduction to Apologetics

This is the best single-volume introduction to apologetics available today.