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We Spent Our Best Years Overseas. And They Were Hard.

I’ll never forget the agonized look on my mother-in-law’s face when we said goodbye. Her years and life experience told her what we didn’t yet know: Our move across the ocean would bring pain. Lots of it. We were heading overseas with her first newborn grandbaby, feeling like we were mere babies ourselves. She knew there would be trials and hardships—and that we would endure them all 5,000 miles from home, family, and all things familiar. But we were propelled by optimism, God’s calling, and…
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6 Marks of a Healthy, Well-Balanced Christian Life

My husband and I both work full-time, and we have two children in preschool. My job is creative and demanding; some would say I’m at the top of my field. On paper, this looks wonderful. In real life, it can be both messy and exhausting. Some nights, after the kids are in bed and my choices are laundry or working on my website, I’m too wiped out to do…

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Why Christians Need a Poetic Imagination

Poetry gives name to ineffable mysteries.

A Guide to Prevailing in the Battle of Prayer

Prayer is a constant struggle in the Christian life.

A Book That Witnessed to Nazi Germany (and Still Witnesses to Us)

‘Life Together’ reminds us of the sweetness of face-to-face fellowship in the church.

How to Know if You’re Saving Life or Prolonging Death

She writes to help us make wise decisions in some of the worst moments we’ll ever face.