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Moral Combat: How the Sexual Revolution Infiltrated the Church

At a moment when sexual harassment scandals have given both the church and society reason to re-examine their assumptions about sexual misconduct, R. Marie Griffith’s historical study of the religious origins of the sexual revolution may be a timely contribution to the conversation. In Moral Combat: How Sex Divided American Christians and Fractured American Politics, Griffith argues the sexual revolution was closely tied to religion and divided American Christianity into competing camps she calls “progressives” and “traditionalists.”

The most interesting part of the story for many conservative evangelical Reformed Christians may be the least familiar—the story of why liberal Protestants moved within 50 years from supporting traditional sexual mores to endorsing sex outside of marriage as a positive good. According to Griffith, the main…


Moral Combat: How the Sexual Revolution Infiltrated the Church

‘Moral Combat’ explains why liberal Protestants embraced a new sexual ethic.

How to Unmask the Myths of Our Secular Age

The gospel is the true and better story that both confronts and challenges the myths we’re told every day.

Why You Should Let Go of ‘Let Go and Let God’

Let us not 'let go and let God,' but rather 'trust God and get going.'

Salvation by . . . Hospitality?

Outsiders become insiders in Jesus’s ministry as he spreads the 'welcome' of the Lord to strangers and sinners.