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Lamenting Is Not Admitting Defeat

This is me. From the outside, I look like your average, healthy, strong 21-year-old woman. I’m just beginning my senior year of college. On a normal day, you will see me going to class, studying, going to the gym to work out, and having fun with my friends. On these days, there are often moments when I’m able to forget about the internal brokenness of my physical body. The daily reminders of my chronic illness—the pills, the
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3 Ways to Navigate Politics in the Pulpit

With another political season upon us, pastors again stand on the edge of a knife. If we say nothing, some will insist, we fail to offer pastoral leadership. If we speak out, we will face criticism, even harsh accusations, whatever we say. People may even leave our churches. Yet politics almost inevitably reaches the pulpit, if only because the Bible says so much about rulers and citizens. Faithful pastors can…

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How Art Can Reveal Truth
When one imagines West Texas, celebrated poets rarely come to mind. Yet that’s exactly what the region has produced in Christian Wiman, an artist described by Marilynne Robinson as writing with a “purifying urgency that is rare in this world.” Wiman, professor of the practice of religion and literature at Yale Divinity School, grew up on a diet of rugged Texas violence as well as a charismatic Christian faith he abandoned after leaving home. By his late 30s, he married his wife, held the post of editor at Poetry magazine, and reconnected with his faith only to receive a…

How Art Can Reveal Truth

Can poetry teach us about our faith in ways that systematic theology cannot?

Girl, Wash Your Face? What Rachel Hollis Gets Right and Wrong.

Yes. Wash your face. Take care of yourself. Make good choices. But know who you are in Jesus Christ.

How George Whitefield Expanded the British Empire

A stimulating introduction to this transatlantic giant of great accomplishments and grave flaws.

‘What’s the Time?’ Is a Christian Question

We need to speak to the moment of God’s grand narrative in which we find ourselves.