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4 Reasons Christians Should Support Banning Pornography

Earlier this month, four Republican members of the U.S. House sent a letter to the U.S. attorney general recommending that he declare “the prosecution of obscene pornography a criminal justice priority,” and that he advise U.S. attorneys to start prosecuting the “major producers and distributors of such material.” The Congressmen point out that as a candidate, President Trump signed an anti-pornography pledge stating he would enforce federal obscenity laws to stop the explosion of pornography. “This pledge has so far been ignored in the…
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5 Potential (Year-Long) Effects of the Christmas Season

A few years ago I wrote about about how there’s often an equipping effect to missions. Sometimes people are already faithful evangelists who then engage in cross-cultural missions, but at other times a Christian may develop a missional heart in the course of the journey rather than prior to it. I’d like to encourage a similar posture toward the Christmas season. For some, December brings no discernible difference in their…

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Generosity Could Change Your Life

This book contends that the central challenge to the church’s witness and effectiveness in the 21st century is the

Why I (Usually) Don’t Like Devotionals

For wary pilgrims, there is hope to be had, peace to enjoy, and joy to realize. But only through

What If Pastors Were More Like Doctors?

We must become intentional again about the spiritual war to which soul physicians are called.

Richard Dawkins’s Latest Case for Outgrowing God

Richard Dawkins’s latest atheistic tract consistently fails to engage opposing arguments and frequently falls short of the research standards