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The Man Who Sings the Bible with Slugs and Bugs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a music album enjoyed by children must be unpleasant for adults. What parent hasn’t been trapped in a car with a children’s album slowly driving them mad? For over 12 years, Randall Goodgame has been spoiling this stereotype. The Nashville-based singer/songwriter delights children with his humor and clever writing—and delights parents, too, because at last they’ve found music that is enjoyable and profitable for everyone. Originally from Florida, Goodgame was a successful solo artist early in his career as…
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Two Pastoral Thoughts on Justification and Sanctification

Judging by my Facebook Trending feed, most people aren’t that interested in sanctification. But if you’re a Christian, you have to be. And if you’re a pastor like I am, then doubly so. As pastors, our own sanctification would be enough to keep our hands full, not to mention keeping a close watch on ourselves and pommeling our bodies lest we be disqualified (1 Tim. 4:16; 1 Cor. 9:27)….

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A Hospitable Response to Muslim Immigration
The mass migration of Muslims into Western societies presents unprecedented opportunities for evangelism. Much of our conversation, however, tends to focus on the challenges Islam brings, and not without reason, for Islam has sometimes been hostile to non-Muslim societies. On account of this history, some have gone so far as to argue that Muslim immigrants should be limited or prohibited from entering Western countries, and those who are already settled should be compelled to assimilate. But there is something missing here, argues Matthew Kaemingk—who teaches theology, ethics, and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary—namely our ethical obligation of hospitality for the immigrant….

A Hospitable Response to Muslim Immigration

Christians must avoid the extreme political rhetoric of both right and left.

Jen Wilkin Has Found God’s Will for Your Life

This, friends, is premium-cut lay theology. And it is fiercely practical at every turn.

A Field Guide to Atheism—for Believer and Unbeliever Alike

‘Seven Types of Atheism’ is a searching and helpful taxonomy of unbelief ancient and modern.

The Revolutionary ‘We’: Rethinking Politics in a Divided Age

“This is the best popularly-written book I have ever read on how to understand the relationship of Christianity to