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4 Lessons for the Seminary Wife

Seminary. It’s a word that can simultaneously spark excitement or fear, depending on whom you talk to. When my husband approached me with the idea of pursuing his PhD, I initially responded with 100 percent fear and 0 percent excitement. The fear came naturally—along with a host of questions: When will you find time to study? How will we pay for this? Will our marriage and kids survive? Little did I know that when my husband enrolled in seminary, God signed me up for a few…
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Love Your Competitor as Yourself

Scripture demands that we love our neighbors, including those who are inconvenient to us. But most people’s daily work takes place in an aggressive marketplace. Companies are under enormous pressure to beat their competitors. Can Christians love their neighbors while striving to outdo them? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is “yes.” But it will only happen if Christians are serious about seeing their work and the economy through the lens of…

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Are Some Determined to Believe the Worst About Reformed Theology?
A professional mathematician by training, John Lennox has become known in the evangelical world for his often-insightful critiques of evolutionary theory. Both his lecturing and his writing are engaging, and that’s true of his book Determined to Believe?: The Sovereignty of God, Freedom, Faith, and Human Responsibility, too. It will bring great comfort to many in the Arminian tradition; it’s hard to imagine how it could convince many well-informed readers in the Reformed tradition, which he commonly labels “theological determinism.” Lennox opposes two kinds of determinism—the physical determinism adopted by many atheists who have bought into philosophical naturalism,…

Are Some Determined to Believe the Worst About Reformed Theology?

What Lennox defends isn’t a solid commitment to divine sovereignty and to human responsibility.

The Pope Who Would Be King

The longest occupant of Peter’s Chair (1846–1878) was a study in contradictions.

Can’t Men and Women Be Friends?

We need wisdom to know how to enjoy the blessings of friendship in a way that will honor both

Why the West Is (Likely) Doomed

Our current trajectory is an existential threat to the survival of Western society.