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9 Things You Should Know About Christian Hymns

Today is the 147th anniversary of the death of Charlotte Elliott, author of the hymn “Just As I Am.” Billy Graham said his team used this hymn in almost every one of their crusades, and the historian of hymnody Kenneth Osbeck wrote that “Just As I Am” had “touched more hearts and influenced more people for Christ than any other song ever written.” Here are nine more things you should know about one of the most important musical forms in the history…
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Mommy Drinking Is No Joke

In a gift shop near my house, two prominent shelves display a tongue-in-cheek line of wine products. Glasses bear messages like “W.I.N.O.S.—Women In Need Of Sanity” and “Drink Like a Mother.” Coffee mugs say “There’s a good chance this is wine” and “COFFEE keeps me going until it is acceptable to drink WINE.” Online, too, some of my Christian friends share alcohol-soaked memes: “MOTHERHOOD: Powered by love. Fueled by coffee….

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How George Whitefield Expanded the British Empire
I always celebrate new books about George Whitefield, because so few have been written about him, especially compared to Jonathan Edwards and John Wesley. Peter Choi’s lavishly researched and well-crafted book, George Whitefield: Evangelist for God and Empire, is the distillation of his doctoral research under the able guidance of Mark Noll. While many previous books on Whitefield devoted greater attention to the religious aspects of his life, Choi seeks to create a more balanced portrait that includes the social and political background. The result is a more complex but comprehensive description of the transatlantic celebrity evangelist. Choi—director of academic programs at…

How George Whitefield Expanded the British Empire

A stimulating introduction to this transatlantic giant of great accomplishments and grave flaws.

‘What’s the Time?’ Is a Christian Question

We need to speak to the moment of God’s grand narrative in which we find ourselves.

‘Waiting Forward’ in a Backward World

We don’t wonder if God can make good out of bad; we just don’t like that it comes that

Gritty Hope in a Timely Book

Christian sufferers need gritty hope. This new book is packed with it.