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The Short Story Every Christian Should Read

Last month Leland Ryken recommended “3 Classic Poems Every Christian Should Read” and Karen Swallow Prior proposed “8 Works of Fiction Every Christian Should Read.” To these suggestions I’d add the “One Short Story Every Christian Should Read.” I’d also like to walk you through a close reading of the story. Both Ryken and Prior are esteemed professors of English, while I am not. They have developed their ability to analyze literature in ways that I have not. They are, in other words,…
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Why You Should Read Devotional Poetry in 2019

By some estimates, between one-quarter to one-third of the Bible takes the form of poetry. Books like the Psalms, Song of Solomon, and Job devote themselves entirely to the genre and many of Jesus’s teachings appear in poetic form. Nonetheless, many people today struggle to embrace the medium, finding it either simplistic and clichéd or obscured beyond meaning. Not only has poetry played an important role in the presentation of…

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Francis Chan Calls for Reformation. But We Need Contextualization.

The gospel carries its own offense. Our role is to remove any needless offenses or distractions from the gospel.

Why Modern Christians Need an Ancient Creed

“No creed but the Bible” is a terrible creed.

The Book C. S. Lewis Was Dying to Write

Lewis (born 120 years ago today) always wanted to write a guidebook for prayer. It has finally come to

Napalm Girl and God’s Saving Grace

She saw how God had been pursuing her while her wounds contorted into aching scars.