The Friendship That Battled the Prosperity Gospel to Treat Africa’s HIV Crisis

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The Better Version of Noah’s Ark

The famous (or infamous, depending whom you ask) story of Noah and the flood fills Sunday school classes, kids’ books, and Christian art. The depictions are always the same—a bunch of cute zoo animals on a boat captained by a jolly old man, sun shining overhead, clouds puffier than cotton candy. If you had no backstory, you might think Noah loaded up some exotic animals to tour the Atlantic Ocean. Others think the flood is an ancient recounting of an angry God who arbitrarily hates…
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‘The Rider’ Shows the Dignity of Work and Weakness

There are many transcendent moments in The Rider, a modern-day cowboy drama set against the stormy plains and sweeping badlands of South Dakota. Some of these moments are atmospheric—director Chloé Zhao capturing an iconic pose of a cowboy and his beloved horse at dusk, or a groups of friends around a campfire with a guitar out and a full moon…

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Jen Wilkin Has Found God’s Will for Your Life
Jen Wilkin has learned God’s will for your life. And she’s ready to share it. In her new book, In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character, she does just that. How can such a slim volume promise so much? Wilkin—speaker, writer, Bible teacher, and regular TGC contributor—sets the terms herself. She gives us a new primary question to ask: Not “what should I do?” but “who should I be?” Don’t be fooled by the first-person nature of the questions; this is a profoundly God-centered book. Wilkin’s essential commitment is that only God’s character can provide a sure…

Jen Wilkin Has Found God’s Will for Your Life

This, friends, is premium-cut lay theology. And it is fiercely practical at every turn.

A Field Guide to Atheism—for Believer and Unbeliever Alike

‘Seven Types of Atheism’ is a searching and helpful taxonomy of unbelief ancient and modern.

The Revolutionary ‘We’: Rethinking Politics in a Divided Age

“This is the best popularly-written book I have ever read on how to understand the relationship of Christianity to

What White Evangelicals Can Learn from Frederick Douglass

Douglass was the prophet America needed—and his voice summons us to extend love and dignity across racial lines today.