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5 Principles for Disciplining Your Children

Before having children, I worked for years as a camp counselor and as a teacher in a large public high school. Both arenas taught me the importance of discipline in a child’s development. Without structure and rules, summer camp would quickly devolve into some version of Lord of the Flies. Without order in the classroom, my students would never have the opportunity to learn. Through my years of working with kids, five guiding principles helped me as a counselor, teacher, and especially as a mom. While not…
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The Secret to Faithful Evangelism Today

A book this encouraging and convicting is a must-have for pastors to read and give away liberally.

Does Your Church Feel Like a Home?

Simply conceiving the church mainly as a home rather than an organization can have a profound effect.

David Platt’s New Book Is Surprisingly Vulnerable

David Platt had to wrestle with the question: ‘Why are so many people born into what seems like an

Where Is Jesus Amid Genocide and Unthinkable Evil?

Whatever calamities strike, and however atrocities evade our understanding, in Christ all wounds are healed.