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Thank God It’s Monday

Peace with God is the ultimate aim of Christianity. That much can be deduced from Romans 5:1. It seems, though, that many Christians have shifted their focus away from seeking peace with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They seek instead inner peace, and the aim of faith bends toward ourselves. It turns away from the problem of sin that separates us from God, and away from the commission to love others as we’ve been loved by God. No wonder so…
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3 Ways to Teach Scripture to Children

Three of my grandchildren recently paid their annual summer visit to the sweltering Southeast. They brought their parents along as chaperones, which was nice enough. Whenever two or three of my grandkids are gathered near me for more than 24 hours, I take the opportunity to do one of two things: practice and perform a play, or rev up “Dr. Pops’s Summer Bible School.” The oldest of the visiting grandkids…

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Two Scholars Team Up for a New Testament Introduction

For a New Testament introduction, the breadth of material covered is quite impressive.

Jesus Loves Small, ‘Insignificant’ Places. So Should We.

Our ministry methods ought to be profoundly shaped by the message we proclaim. But it also works the other

You Pray the Lord’s Prayer. But Do You Understand It?

A broad swath of Christians can celebrate Hill’s beautiful treatment of Jesus’s prayer.

Let’s Retrieve Good Theology—and Not Start with Luther

Evangelicals need historical theology, and we neglect it to our peril.