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Fully Human and Truly Human: Grasping the Image of God—and of Christ

Fifty years ago, the question landed like a bombshell on the cover of Time magazine: “Is God Dead?” Theologians like Thomas J. J. Altizer, William H. Hamilton, and Paul van Buren rode this frothy new wave of atheism. It made headlines because it didn’t come from outside the church, but from inside. Not to be outdone, one professor rewrote Psalm 23 to mark God’s death: He was our guide and our stay
He walked with us beside still waters
He was our…
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How Not to Find a Mentor

I was ordained as a pastor just shy of 21. In hindsight, I was probably too young. At the time, I had a strange naïveté about pastors and ministry leaders, while simultaneously feeling in over my head with the demands of youth ministry.  To combat this, I started reaching out to every pastor I knew who was older than me. I was working in a large…

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You Pray the Lord’s Prayer. But Do You Understand It?

A broad swath of Christians can celebrate Hill’s beautiful treatment of Jesus’s prayer.