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Get Out! Tim Keller on the Exodus Story

If there is one Old Testament passage that the New Testament invites us to read in a Christ-centered way as a paradigm of Christ’s salvation, it’s the exodus. I’ll never forget nearly 40 years ago sitting in R. C. Sproul’s living room in Stahlstown, Pennsylvania. Alec Motyer, a British Old Testament scholar I had never heard of, was visiting. I was on the floor with a bunch of other college and seminary students, and Sproul said to Motyer, “Tell us about the connection between the…
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4 Things Teens Need from Your Church

We’ve heard the statistics, read the articles, even seen it in our own congregations. Teens are evacuating. Statistics claim that 70 percent of teens will stop attending church after graduating from high school. As a teenager who’s grown up in church, I’ve had a front-row seat to this mass exodus. I’m not an expert, researcher, or pastor, but I am in the teenage trenches. There are many reasons for teens to…

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A Book That Witnessed to Nazi Germany (and Still Witnesses to Us)

‘Life Together’ reminds us of the sweetness of face-to-face fellowship in the church.

How to Know if You’re Saving Life or Prolonging Death

She writes to help us make wise decisions in some of the worst moments we’ll ever face.

Puritans—Exceptional Protestants or Prejudiced Moralizers?

Today’s students need to know why they should study or even respect the Puritans.

New Book Exposes How Evolutionary ‘Science’ Devolves

Limited biological adaptation works only because living things were brilliantly designed to adjust in remarkable ways to their environments.