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Turning Point of World History: The Resurrection According to Acts

People often read the book of Acts to find out about the early church, but if that’s all we focus on, we miss Luke’s most important emphasis: Jesus himself. Though he ascends into heaven in the opening verses, this doesn’t mean he’s absent. Acts presents Jesus as the resurrected, ascended, and glorious King of Kings who is guiding his church, pouring out his Spirit, and granting forgiveness. Jesus is the focus of the apostolic preaching throughout Acts. As messengers of the mission, the apostles must…
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How the Fellows Became John Yates’s ‘Best Legacy’

When Ellen Hilliard was in college, she knew one thing for sure: she was not going to do a fellows program after she graduated. “My older sister Laura did it four years before me,” Ellen said. “Because she had done it, I was not going to. I was going to forge my own path.” But her path didn’t seem to be going anywhere. She loved mentoring youth, but not enough to…

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The Pastor’s One Essential Responsibility

Like it or not, pastor, your people are being discipled. Every day. What role is the church playing in

Do Theology for God’s Sake

The subject matter of theological study is dangerous and untamed.

J. D. Greear’s Challenge: How Will You Respond?

J. D. Greear asks questions I wish more of us wrestled with.

Religious Freedom Is a Christian Idea

Joe Carter reviews, in the words of Albert Mohler, “the most important book on religious liberty to appear in