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Love Your Prodigal as Yourself

A group of researchers did an experiment where they read the parable of the prodigal son to groups in various places around the world: Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North America. The researchers then asked people to recount the story back to them. There was one detail that people in the developing world always mentioned that those in the developed nations always left out: the famine. The son, you’ll remember, took his inheritance and went to the far country where he spent…
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How Porn Is Sidelining Missionaries

I just knew. The minute we made contact, whether on the phone or in person, I could sense what had happened the night before. Pornography, again. His tone of voice, his sunken spirit, his inward bent told the same, sad story. This brother had prayed, raised support, and finally made it to bring the gospel to the unreached with us. Here he was, six months in on the front lines, only…

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‘Waiting Forward’ in a Backward World
For nine months I prayed. Daily. Fervently. I prayed my third baby wouldn’t suffer from the gastrointestinal ailments that plagued the other two. That this time we could have a quieter, sweeter newborn season. But alas, I again found myself avoiding dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, and gluten, administering high-powered acid reflux medicine to a tiny baby so he could eat without pain. I rocked him for hours on end so he could sleep instead of scream. While I rocked, I read. In his kind providence, the Lord ordained for me to review Christine Hoover’s book Searching for Spring: How God…

‘Waiting Forward’ in a Backward World

We don’t wonder if God can make good out of bad; we just don’t like that it comes that

Gritty Hope in a Timely Book

Christian sufferers need gritty hope. This new book is packed with it.

Meet the Prodigal Daughter of the Bible

I had never met Esther the prodigal daughter before cracking the pages of Cosper’s book.

Climb Inside the Atheist Mind—with Love

We shouldn’t cover our pearls in mud and shoot them at our intellectual enemies.