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The Evangel Is Timeless. Evangelicalism Is Not.

Because evangelicals have typically thought of themselves simply as Christians (or real Christians), there is a danger they may think of their own faith tradition as somehow timeless. It’s like the parody that imagines a fundamentalist saying, “If the King James Version of the Bible was good enough for the apostle Paul, it is good enough for me.” So let’s put it bluntly: The gospel of Jesus Christ is timeless, but the evangelical movement is not. The evangelical movement, as identified by historians and sociologists, is…
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The Esther Option

In the not-too-distant past, the momentum of our culture seemed clear. Progressive values were on the rise. Christianity was in decline. Supreme Court decisions like Obergefell were underlining this fact, and it seemed that, over time, Christians themselves would be pushed to society’s margins. Around that time, a number of Christian leaders and thinkers began to offer pathways for where we might go next. John Inazu gave us Confident…

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Your Church Needs (Good) Biblical Theology
Picture four stereotypical churches: (1) the Prosperity Gospel Church, urging you to name and claim whatever you pray for, yachts included; (2) the Civil Gospel Church, red, white, and blue-blooded, longing for a restored Christian America; (3) the Soup Kitchen Church, where the preferential option for the poor is always with us; and (4) the Immorality-Affirming Church, where “love wins” over doctrine every time (19–22). What do these four different churches have in common? According to Nick Roark and Robert Cline, they’re missing a solid grounding in biblical theology (101–11). It’s not that none of these churches believes the Bible,…

Your Church Needs (Good) Biblical Theology

The Bible is one big book with lots of little books that tell one big story. Preachers must capture

The Church Is a Mess. The Church Is a Beauty.

Come and see a renewed vision of the church. Go and be a renewed community called the church.

God Doesn’t Make Us Nice. He Makes Us New.

Conversion is first and foremost a miraculous work of God.

Jesus for a Post-Truth World

We need to promote a better, more enticing way of understanding ourselves and the world.