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How Idolatry Shrivels Your Soul

I tend to avoid books that have the phrase “how to” in either the title or subtitle, unless it’s something like “how to stop a chirping smoke detector.” This is especially true of Christian books. So it was with a bit of skepticism that I picked up Steve Hoppe’s book, Sipping Saltwater: How to Find Lasting Satisfaction in a World of Thirst.

I’m glad to say it surpassed my expectations.

Hoppe—a pastor at Park Community Church in Chicago—uses the metaphor of saltwater to show how we seek to quench our emotional, psychological, and spiritual thirsts by good things that aren’t thirst-quenching. Saltwater is water (which is good), and exists for a reason, but don’t try drinking it to quench your thirst. Doing so will lead…


How Idolatry Shrivels Your Soul

Only Living Water can quench our thirsts—all of them.

Moral Combat: How the Sexual Revolution Infiltrated the Church

‘Moral Combat’ explains why liberal Protestants embraced a new sexual ethic.

How to Unmask the Myths of Our Secular Age

The gospel is the true and better story that both confronts and challenges the myths we’re told every day.

Why You Should Let Go of ‘Let Go and Let God’

Let us not 'let go and let God,' but rather 'trust God and get going.'