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How to Pursue Wealth as a Gift

Why do I feel so guilty all the time? I mentor young Christian professionals who struggle with this question around money and spending. They worship a God who calls them to care for the world and to enjoy it as a gift. But while both of these desires—for social action and for the enjoyment of God’s world—are on target theologically, they can cause some tension. On one hand, we live in a culture chock-full of human innovation and creativity that we can celebrate as reflections of…
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7 Invisible Weapons for Effective Ministry

What makes ministry effective? How are people changed? What methods should we use? In the annals of war, certain leaders and strategies and weapons get the most attention: the tanks and the bombers, the gold and the generals, the noble sacrifices that rightly earn chests of medals and leave loud legacies ringing out to the far horizons of history. So, too, in our view of the biblical story: Noah builds the…

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A Book About Dignity for Everyone Has a Lot to Teach the Church

“The most sympathetic treatment of poor, broken Americans that I can recall ever reading.”

The Christian Scholar Caught Between the Nazis and Communists

This is a biography of a man, not just a martyr. The martyr inspires us; the man reflects us.

‘Everything Is Christ’—and Other Muddled Messages from Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr’s ‘The Universal Christ’ aligns with what Scripture calls ‘the spirit of the antichrist.’

The Secret to Faithful Evangelism Today

A book this encouraging and convicting is a must-have for pastors to read and give away liberally.