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Why Your Small Group May Need to Stop Talking About the Bible

Community groups. Home groups. Life groups. Gospel communities. Missional communities. Whatever your church chooses to call them, one of the central goals is the same: to see people interacting with, being shaped by, and applying God’s Word. In my years of founding, leading, and attending such groups, however, I’ve come to believe that sometimes the groups we create to help people learn to submit to Scripture actually become a means by which they learn to avoid Scripture. Maybe you’ve seen the same, perhaps even without noticing. In…
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How Should Pastors Approach the Salary Question?

It’s often the elephant in the room. The pastoral candidate is anxious. He doesn’t want to ask, because he doesn’t want to come off as presumptuous or espousing a subtle prosperity theology. How much are you willing to pay me? In my first full-time ministry position, I waited until the church had elected me to even bring up salary. I was relieved when the figure they gave was in the ballpark…

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‘What’s the Time?’ Is a Christian Question
I never tire of teaching the Aeneid to my honors college students. I’m drawn to Virgil’s epic, not only by its poetic perfection, complex story, and timeless characters, but also by its vast historical scope. Indeed, though it was written two full generations before the New Testament, and though its pagan Roman writer was ignorant of the Old Testament, the Aeneid is undergirded by an eschatological vision almost as grand as that of the Bible. A poet or prophet or politician who holds an eschatological vision of history believes that history isn’t random or haphazard but has a beginning,…

‘What’s the Time?’ Is a Christian Question

We need to speak to the moment of God’s grand narrative in which we find ourselves.

‘Waiting Forward’ in a Backward World

We don’t wonder if God can make good out of bad; we just don’t like that it comes that

Gritty Hope in a Timely Book

Christian sufferers need gritty hope. This new book is packed with it.

Meet the Prodigal Daughter of the Bible

I had never met Esther the prodigal daughter before cracking the pages of Cosper’s book.