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Fertility, Faith, and a Secular America?

This past year, fertility rates in the United States fell to a historic low, with the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) standing at 1.7 (that statistic refers to the number of children a typical woman will bear during her lifetime). Technically, the present U.S. figure is known as a sub-replacement rate, as it is well below the number needed for a population to replace and maintain itself indefinitely, which is 2.1. Such a precipitous fertility drop has sweeping implications, especially as it has occurred in…
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How to Say ‘God Is Faithful’ When Suffering Won’t Stop

It’s been a tough year for me. While 2018 was filled with creative, financial, and relational blessing, 2019 has been much more difficult. My wife, Quina, and I have dealt with her ministry burnout and discouraging health issues, along with her grandmother’s death, relational strains with people we love, deferred hopes to conceive another child, and the deportation of my aunt and uncle. After experiencing so much answered prayer in…

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The Pastor’s One Essential Responsibility

Like it or not, pastor, your people are being discipled. Every day. What role is the church playing in

Do Theology for God’s Sake

The subject matter of theological study is dangerous and untamed.

J. D. Greear’s Challenge: How Will You Respond?

J. D. Greear asks questions I wish more of us wrestled with.

Religious Freedom Is a Christian Idea

Joe Carter reviews, in the words of Albert Mohler, “the most important book on religious liberty to appear in