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Why Every Story and All of Literature Is Christ-Haunted

Of all the apologetic arguments for the existence of God, the type that is probably least persuasive to skeptics (though most philosophically compelling for believers) is ontological arguments, a category of philosophical arguments that rely on the nature of being. Although such arguments may be of limited value in convincing atheists, they may be of more value in literary criticism and interpretation. The reason they can be useful is because they establish that the God of the Bible exists within the structure of every narrative…
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What Unlikely Converts Can Teach Us About Evangelism (and Ourselves)

The gospel is for everyone. And the task of evangelism includes every Christian—even those you’d least expect.

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Christian faith is rooted not in the absence of doubt but in an abundance of hope.

How the Korean Pentecost Can Guide Revival Today

This sole surviving foreign eyewitness account tells an important piece of Korean church history and serves as a handbook