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6 Ways to Teach Your Children History

One of my earliest memories is visiting the Magna Carta. Dad put me on his shoulders so I could look over all the people pressing around the display case. The document—old and dirty—didn’t impress me. What did impress me was my father’s excitement. “Look!” he kept saying, “That’s it,…

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Father, Deliver Us from Autopilot Prayers

All of us have, at one time or another, completely checked out in prayer. We’ve fallen into a rut, praying the same things in the same way. And by all of us, I definitely mean me. But I assume I’m not alone.

I remember one night coming home from work, completely exhausted, and joining my family to give thanks for our dinner. As I opened my mouth, I began to pray in a way that didn’t make sense: rather than thanking God for providing for our needs, I was asking him to help us sleep well (which I clearly needed to do). I’ve had moments like this when praying with my children; I’ve realized that while I’m saying something true, it’s exactly the same as…


Father, Deliver Us from Autopilot Prayers

In a prayer rut? Let Albert Mohler’s new book help.

Why He Doesn’t Call Himself Gay

Attraction is real, but too flimsy to build an identity on.

Bart Ehrman on How Christianity Defeated Paganism

How does a religion go from a handful of people to 30 million people in just 300 years?

How to Close Your Character Gap

Is there empirical evidence that Christian practice enhances public character? Actually, yes.