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The True and Better Judas Iscariot

It happens every once and a while. A big-name “sinner” claims he or she has been wrong. On hearing such a claim, some scoff: “Ha! Impossible!” Conversely, others start preparing the victory parade and inviting all to come celebrate—the sinner has repented! Each side makes a valid point. Yes, we should be cautious before simply believing everything we hear. And only God can bring change that bears lasting fruit. We should be ready to celebrate the return of a prodigal heart, believe the best about others,…
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‘No Obvious Answer’: How Christian Colleges Are Responding to LGBTQ Regulations

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke told a CNN town hall that religious institutions—from colleges to churches—should lose their tax-exempt status for opposing same-sex marriage. The same day, Elizabeth Warren, who leads the Democratic field, wrote that she would “use every legal tool we have to make sure that LGBTQ+ people can live free from discrimination,” including passing the Equality Act, refusing federal grants to organizations that…

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J. D. Greear’s Challenge: How Will You Respond?

J. D. Greear asks questions I wish more of us wrestled with.

Religious Freedom Is a Christian Idea

Joe Carter reviews, in the words of Albert Mohler, “the most important book on religious liberty to appear in

Will Gen Z Hold On to the Faith?

The bottom line is that teens today must be discipled differently than they have been in the past.

Why (More Than Ever Before) You Need to Read Deeply

What can feel like “staying on top of things” is really nothing but distraction from the best of things.