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Beware Emotional Affairs

Josh had been at a new church for four months when Sara—his pastor’s wife—invited him to join their community group, which was a weekly gathering of both singles and married couples. Sara and her husband, Craig, wanted a group where married couples mentored singles. Josh and Sara hit it off, and they discovered lots of common interests. Their conversation easily flowed during the fellowship time before the Bible study. Sara was surprised how much she missed Josh when he couldn’t attend. Josh realized that talking…
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Editor’s Choice: The Best of 2018

We knew this year would be busy for The Gospel Coalition with three major public conferences and our biennial Council meeting. We hosted our largest women’s conference and first West Coast conference. The MLK50 conference was the most-watched in TGC history. Probably no event I’ve ever helped to plan involved so high a risk and delivered so high a reward as MLK50, by God’s grace alone. For…

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Experience Still Eclipses: ‘No Place for Truth’ 25 Years Later

The idea that you must choose between ministry and theology has been around as long as I have.

MultiChurch a More Biblical Version of Multisite?

Reaching our city doesn’t depend on us, our church, our brand, our super talented pastor.

Let Kevin DeYoung Reintroduce You to the 10 Commandments

The church and the world are hungry for true righteousness.

Higher Education Must Address Free Speech and Social Justice

It would be hard to overstate the significance of social justice to the formation of many college students today.