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A Simple (Catechism) Game For Little Kids

When I was discussing who God is with my Muslim barber, I was helped by my 4-year-old piping up from the waiting area: “God is a loving union of three: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” “All right,” the barber said with a shrug, “I’ll go with that then.” Ruby, the evangelist. It’s from my shorter Shorter Catechism, also known as “The Question-and-Answer Game.” She holds each of my fingers as I ask: Who is God? A loving union of three. Who are the three?…
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When Grandma and Grandpa Don’t Love Jesus

Why did preparing for my parents’ visits feel like I was preparing for battle? All these years later, I can still feel the tension that came over me before they arrived. Mom and Dad were winsome and lively. My husband and I admired their zest for life. We loved them and wanted our kids to love them, too. But Mom and Dad didn’t know Jesus. How could we protect our…

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New Book Exposes How Evolutionary ‘Science’ Devolves

Limited biological adaptation works only because living things were brilliantly designed to adjust in remarkable ways to their environments.

A New Field Guide for Parents Trying to Raise Virtuous Kids

If you want your children to form godly character and a Christian worldview, don’t miss this new resource.