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Working When It Hurts

Less than five minutes of innocent horseplay and riding piggyback in college ended with Ruth Olsen being slammed through drywall, crumpled under a 175-pound man. Although none of her bones broke, she had injured her pelvis, spine, and neck, with severe soft tissue and nerve injuries that left her unable to work and extended her undergraduate years. Three years later, after she was about 70 percent recovered, an 18-wheel semi-trailer truck T-boned her Honda Accord. She miraculously emerged, again, with no broken bones—but was back…
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‘Incredibles 2’ and the Importance of Starting Small

A lot has happened in the 14 years since Pixar first introduced us to The Incredibles. We’ve witnessed the rise of Facebook, the launch of the iPhone, the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and two separate transitions of power in the White House. At a little less than two hours, Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2 feels like it’s…

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Two (Book) Attempts to Understand Rural America
In his travel book The Lost Continent, Bill Bryson recounts his quest to find the quintessential American small town depicted in the books and movies of his youth—a town where “Bing Crosby would be the priest” and “Jimmy Stewart the mayor.” In Bryson’s view, “It was inconceivable that a nation so firmly attached to small-town ideals, so dedicated in its fantasies to small-town notions, could not have somewhere built one perfect place.” Sadly, Bryson was disappointed in his quest, eventually realizing he’d need to construct his perfect town piecemeal from the places he visited; a Main Street here,…

Two (Book) Attempts to Understand Rural America

Both books are helpful and important for Christians who care about small places.

Your Interpretation May Not Be Inerrant, but Your Bible Is

A comprehensive guide for grasping the theological foundations of an evangelical doctrine of Scripture.

Your Church Needs (Good) Biblical Theology

The Bible is one big book with lots of little books that tell one big story. Preachers must capture

The Church Is a Mess. The Church Is a Beauty.

Come and see a renewed vision of the church. Go and be a renewed community called the church.