Gravity and Stars: A Father’s Day Reflection for the Fatherless

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TGCW18: Day 3 Highlights

Were you unable to come to the 2018 TGC National Women’s Conference? A free simulcast is available at thanks to our friends at The Christian Standard Bible. Videos of the completed sessions are also available on that same page, and Day 1 highlights can be found here and Day 2 highlights here. Here is some of what you missed from the third day of TGCW18. Conference Plenaries Plenary speakers expounded key passages from Deuteronomy, to help us take it in deeply and…
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The Missing Ingredient in Our Parenting

In our new parenting book, Equipping for Life, written primarily for young new or aspiring parents, we set forth three important aspects of parenting (we call them the 3 “Rs” of parenting): realism, relationship, and responsibility. While young couples often start out their parenting adventure with a healthy dose of idealism, in reality parenting is done by sinners on sinners and takes place in an imperfect world. Additionally, the…

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The Church Is a Mess. The Church Is a Beauty.
I’ll never forget walking into my coach’s office after practice. I had just finished a good day on the field, and I was satisfied. With confidence I expected a session of praise. Then he spoke. “Stew, the guys are telling me you’ve been slipping lately. You’ve been uninvolved. Why are you going through the motions?” My heart sank. Though I didn’t admit it at the time, he was right; I had become overfamiliar with my position, and I was losing the wonder of being committed to the game. As any good coach would do, he challenged me to evaluate myself and try…

The Church Is a Mess. The Church Is a Beauty.

Come and see a renewed vision of the church. Go and be a renewed community called the church.

God Doesn’t Make Us Nice. He Makes Us New.

Conversion is first and foremost a miraculous work of God.

Jesus for a Post-Truth World

We need to promote a better, more enticing way of understanding ourselves and the world.

The Enlightenment Improved the World—But Not without Christianity

Asking science to give us ethics is like asking a blood pressure monitor to heal a broken heart.