3 Reasons I Changed My Mind About Penal Substitution

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Self-Loathing Almost Ruined My Easter—and I’m Glad It Did

Many times, I’ve felt overwhelmed by the gap between my beliefs and my behavior. The week before one particular Easter, I did something that caused me to deeply dislike myself. On a dinner date with my wife, Patti, I expressed my frustration with a certain individual, and then started tearing the person apart with gossip. After I finished assassinating the person’s character with my words, Patti looked at me and gently responded, “Scott, you know that you shouldn’t have said any of that.” This faithful, corrective…
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Say No to the Gospel of Self-Forgiveness

She sits in my office, tears running down her face. Two years ago her mother died in hospice while she lay asleep at home. She was trying to get a decent night’s rest after days spent at her mother’s side. “I just can’t forgive myself. I let her die alone. I knew I should have been there, but I was selfish. I can never forgive myself for that.” Dozens have…

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How to Answer the 12 Strongest Objections to Christianity

Real Christianity doesn’t crush diversity, hinder morality, cause violence, undercut science, or denigrate women.

Why We Need the Apostles’ Creed in 2019

Want a more vibrant, energized Christian life? Let Albert Mohler help you rediscover an ancient creed.

Pastor, How Will You Make It in Ministry?

Ministers are like Amazon boxes.

A Blockbuster Bestseller on God and Politics

This 1952 book topped the bestseller list for 13 weeks. We have forgotten it to our peril.