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Don’t Be Introspective. Examine Yourself.

There’s a fine line between self-examination and introspection. Self-examination is good. Scripture exhorts us to examine and test ourselves (2 Cor. 13:5). So how might this important spiritual discipline take a turn for the worse? Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains: What’s the difference between examining oneself and becoming introspective? I suggest that we cross the line from self-examination to introspection when, in a sense, we do nothing but examine ourselves, and when such self-examination becomes the main and chief end in our life. Though self-examination can…
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A Book to Help You Not Ruin Your Life
On a cold January morning in Nashville, 680 pounds of strategically placed explosives leveled the 12-story Lifeway building in just 20 seconds. Onlookers marveled at the cloud of dust that stretched for miles across the skyline. “Seeing it go up, was a slow process,” Lifeway retiree Charles Willis told the Baptist Press. “Seeing it come down was really, really fast.” What Willis and others witnessed is called an implosion. But what took mere seconds to watch was months in the making. As Eric Geiger, senior vice president for Lifeway Christian Resources looked on, his mind raced back to the pages…

A Book to Help You Not Ruin Your Life

Wondering if there is enough forgiveness for your sin is like a child wondering if there is enough water

Let Mark Dever Introduce You to Richard Sibbes

This book is now the best introduction to the life and thought of the ‘sweet dropper of grace.’

Why Westerners Need Rabbi Jesus

The very things that make life easier as a Westerner can disadvantage you when it comes to understanding your

Letters to an American Christian

The question isn’t what party or agenda God belongs to. It’s whether we belong to him.