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He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands—Including Your Kids

Parents are responsible to provide and care for their children. We are the primary disciplers of our kids. But parents are most fundamentally stewards. Though we’re called to faithfulness with our kids, they ultimately belong to a promise-keeping God who is more faithful than we are. As Psalm 127 says, our children are a heritage from the Lord, an unmerited reward from him. The older our kids get, the more it becomes clear we can’t control their destiny. It doesn’t rest in our decisions or…
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Jesus’s Compassion for Those Who Love Porn

For more than a decade I silently wrestled with a fixation on pornography and sexual exposure. From 8 to 18 I quietly sought out and filled my eyes, my mind, and my heart with shameful things. I learned to please my own body, sought out others to please it for me, and ultimately worshiped lust and lonely pleasure at a shadowy and anonymous altar. But at the root, I knew…

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Living the Christian Life with C. S. Lewis
The best books about C. S. Lewis make us want to turn, or return, to Lewis himself. Joe Rigney’s new book, a sort of systematic theology for Lewis, does just that. Lewis on the Christian Life: Becoming Truly Human in the Presence of God is an irresistible hook for those less acquainted with Lewis (who will now scramble to read him) and a familiar feast for old Lewis friends who wish to study his thoughts on the Christian life in a single commentary. Pastor at Cities Church and assistant professor of theology and literature at Bethlehem College and Seminary in…

Living the Christian Life with C. S. Lewis

The best books about C. S. Lewis make us want to turn to Lewis himself.

The Spiritual Benefits of Dying

There is something spiritually necessary for us to experience in our journey of dying.

What Jim Bakker Can Teach American Evangelicals Today

Jim Bakker’s ministry has much to say about the recent past and present of American evangelicalism.

Share Your House Key to Win Your Neighbors

Rosaria Butterfield’s new book is both a theology of hospitality and a practical how-to brimming with stories.