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We Love Our Muslim Friends and the Terrorist Who Targeted Them

New Zealand is a country saturated in God’s common grace. I sometimes feel these islands are about as close to heaven on earth as you’ll find. Christchurch, my home, is as friendly and tranquil as any other small city on earth, and New Zealanders are a people of quiet strength—not brash and self-seeking, but resolute and generous. Maybe above all, we’re a peaceful nation. Aotearoa has been a place of almost unparalleled safety. We are, by any human measure, uncommonly blessed. But heaven on earth is…
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When Self-Confidence Is Lethal

I have a teenage son who plays basketball. Recently, his coach recommended that he start going to the gym and lifting some light weights. So occasionally my son has been accompanying me to the gym where I’m a member and doing workouts with me. But here’s the thing: My son isn’t a member of the gym. When we walk up to the desk, I’m the one who calls up…

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Jesus Did Not Pray Just to Set an Example

If even Jesus needed to pray, what does that say of us, his younger, non-divine siblings? How arrogant must

We All Live in Marx’s World Now

Bandying terms like “cultural Marxist” and “racist” simply as a way of avoiding real argument is shameful and should

Let Waiting Grow You

We wait for very little, so we get vexed if we have to wait for anything.

When Atheism Is Intellectually Weak

We evangelicals have too often conceded the intellectual high-ground to atheists.