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3 Ways Church Planting Will Test Your Patience

I once heard someone say discouragement is the “occupational hazard” of ministry. They’re right. Especially on a Monday. In a park aptly named “Trinity,” I had my head down—literally and figuratively—as I journaled my discouragements and prayers, crying out in Davidic fashion: How long, O Lord? We were three years into planting a church in downtown Fort Worth. Some core-team members—close friends—had just left, and the largely unseen fruit of our ministry didn’t seem worth the exhaustion. Little did I know that I was about to get…
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The Best Kind of Preaching

Jonathan Edwards believed the preacher is charged with a sacred duty: to communicate the awe of the Word. When the Word is so preached, listeners often “tremble at God’s word” (Isa. 66:2)—they find it “piercing, awful, and tremendous,” Edwards noted, and their hearts melt before it. “The Word in its powerful efficacy”—in mortifying sin and converting people to Christ—“does . . . cut the soul asunder.” As he wrote in…

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The Book I Keep Rereading—Even though It Gets Less Funny Each Time

C.S. Lewis shines the light of Christian reflection on sin and temptation in revealing and disturbing ways.

Atticus Finch: Civil-Rights Hero or Stereotypical Racist?

‘Complex’ is the best word for the history of civil rights in the South.

How a New Interpretation of Paul Misses the Mark

For Paul, the Kingdom is not merely a future expectation. It has already broken into history at the resurrection

The Spirituality of Talking About Yourself

The spiritual discipline of perspective. That is the gift Augustine offers those of us who talk about ourselves.