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Mothers, Embrace the Mess

When the house is clean, I hear a hallelujah chorus in the background. It’s amazing. The sky is bluer, my head is clearer, and I feel like I have the mind space to dream and plan and focus on what I actually care most about in life.

But having kids…

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7 Things You Should Know About the Lord’s Day

For anyone who likes church history, Justo González is a familiar name. His two-volume work, The Story of Christianity, is frequently read in seminaries and Bible colleges. A Cuban American, González is a Methodist historian who has written extensively over the last three decades. Most recently, he has written a short book titled A Brief History of Sunday: From the New Testament to the New Creation.

González is not writing a history of the Sabbath, or how the Sabbath developed into the Lord’s Day, but a history of the first day of the week. He surveys the way Christians, from the first to the 21st century, have treated Sunday. He shows when the concept of rest developed in church history, and how the West…


7 Things You Should Know About the Lord’s Day

Renowned church historian Justo González surveys the way Christians—from the first to the 21st century—have treated Sunday.

How to Be Culturally Intelligent in a Fractured Age

A sermon’s ultimate aim is to showcase Christ. Period.

Loving Our Communities Like the Amish Do

The Amish don’t have all the answers, but they have some fundamental ones. We should listen.

Yet Another Option: The Pietist Option

Doctrine and practice should reinforce each other, lest we slide into mere doctrinal boundary-maintenance or a vaguely Christian ethic.