Colin Kaepernick’s Shirt: The Gospel in a World Haunted by Communism

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Jesus Is Not Colorblind

If you met me in the mid ’90s you would have found me walking the halls of my high school in bright purple jeans and a famous white T-shirt that read, “Love Sees No Color.” Thankfully, the clothing was a fad that quickly passed away. Unfortunately, the idea that…

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What Our Identity Searches Really Reveal

Virtually every action of our lives is an attempt to answer the question, “Who am I?” You often hear people say things like “Know yourself,” “Be yourself,” or “Stay true to yourself.” These pithy sayings are, as Tim Keller has noted, “self-evident truths” in our society. Questioning them is tantamount to questioning the air we breathe. All of us, regardless of spiritual background, have been enculturated with a focus on the self, leading (unsurprisingly) to angst about ourselves.

“Identity” language is the heart language of our culture. If the church wants to be effective, we must become fluent in talking about identity and the gospel. That is why two new books, Known By God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity by Brian Rosner…


What Our Identity Searches Really Reveal

What’s better than any identity you can construct? An identity you can receive.

What If Pope Francis Isn’t Catholic?

Not that he intended to do so, but I don’t think Douthat could’ve written a better apologetic for Protestant...

Father, Deliver Us from Autopilot Prayers

In a prayer rut? Let Albert Mohler’s new book help.

Why He Doesn’t Call Himself Gay

Attraction is real, but too flimsy to build an identity on.