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Results Are Not Your Responsibility

Two years ago, my husband and I walked through the painful process of dissolving a church. I remember the last service in vivid detail: where families were sitting for worship, what music was playing, and the demeanor of my husband, the lead pastor. He was sitting in the second row, shoulders slumped, head lowered, feeling the weight of the congregation’s unmet expectations. The church replant we had been a part of for five years was over. Though we had striven to be faithful, a closed church…
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Should I Always Preach through Books of the Bible?

There was a time when a fellow pastor might ask me, “So what are you preaching through these days?” The key word was through. The assumption was that I was preaching through a whole book of the Bible. Nowadays, I’m usually asked, “So what are you preaching these days?” Through has been dropped. The assumption that exposition and lectio continua—the commitment to preach serially through whole books of the Bible—go…

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A Field Guide to Atheism—for Believer and Unbeliever Alike
Imagine a conversation in which well-meaning skeptics try to deconvert you from Christianity by debunking the prosperity gospel. They marshal their evidence, tell some stories that horrify you as much as them, quote the most egregious theological howlers you’ve ever heard, and then conclude that the message of Jesus can’t possibly be true. If you’ve ever had such an experience—and pastors of charismatic churches, like me, do occasionally—you’ll know how frustrating it is. Everything in you wants to reply: I don’t hold to that type of Christianity either. I probably disagree with it more than you do.

A Field Guide to Atheism—for Believer and Unbeliever Alike

‘Seven Types of Atheism’ is a searching and helpful taxonomy of unbelief ancient and modern.

The Revolutionary ‘We’: Rethinking Politics in a Divided Age

“This is the best popularly-written book I have ever read on how to understand the relationship of Christianity to

What White Evangelicals Can Learn from Frederick Douglass

Douglass was the prophet America needed—and his voice summons us to extend love and dignity across racial lines today.

Let Sinclair Ferguson Teach You Pastoral Ministry

What if you could take a pastoral ministry course from Sinclair Ferguson? Well, you can.