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The FAQs: What You Should Know About Hate Crimes

What just happened? A man who allegedly opened fire at a Kroger grocery store in October, killing two people, is now facing hate crime charges. A grand jury returned hate crime charges against Gregory Bush, 51, who allegedly shot and killed a black man and woman at the store in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Police said that just prior to the killings at the Kroger store, Bush was spotted on security footage outside the First Baptist Church, a historically black church in Jeffersontown. After he was unable to…
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Who First Showed Ray Ortlund the Beauty of Jesus?

My dear dad was the first person, within the range of my consciousness, who showed me the beauty of Jesus. He showed me the Lord’s beauty countless times along the way. But first, let me say how grateful I am to my friends at TGC for asking the question in terms of our Lord’s beauty. Beauty, with its attendant concepts, is a consistent theme running through the Bible. For example: …

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When a Gay Activist Comes to Jesus
One of the most irreconcilable clashes in modern society is the conflict between Christianity and LGBT rights. At best, the two sides misunderstand each other. At worst, each fears that the ascendency of one means the zero-sum defeat of the other. But in A War of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus by David Bennett, readers learn of an agnostic gay activist whose experiences left him searching for deeper meaning in life. He found it in the transformative love of Jesus Christ. At the beginning, Bennett declares his purpose in writing this memoir was “simply to share how…

When a Gay Activist Comes to Jesus

Bennett’s story is one of costly discipleship.

A Significant Root of America’s Racial Strife

We can better understand today’s racial divisions when we remember the Civil War didn’t end political or religious strife.

What You Didn’t Know About Angels

The angels long to look into God’s plans for us. Let us occasionally return the favor.

The Hidden Sin That Destroys Relationships

God created us to respond to his glory, even the borrowed glory of those around us.