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Where Did Satan Come From?

The Bible’s account of the fall in the Garden of Eden raises a number of important questions. Chief among them usually goes something like this: Where does evil come from in a good world created by a good God? We must admit that the Bible does not explicitly and definitively answer this question. But we must also acknowledge that the Bible does tell us many things that, taken together, can help us make a reasonable attempt at an answer. Where Did the Serpent Come From? Genesis 3:1…
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Ask and You Shall Evangelize

Ten years ago, a relatively unknown pastor published The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. Tim Keller’s book leaped onto The New York Times bestseller list, grabbing acclaim from The Washington Post columnists and Publishers Weekly and awards from World magazine and Christianity Today. The book is still ranked a #1 best-seller in evangelism at Amazon. Without question, The Reason for God was a home run. So…

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A Significant Root of America’s Racial Strife
Allen Guelzo, in his recent work Reconstruction: A Concise History, helpfully summarizes one of the most important and neglected periods in American history: the movement to reconstruct a nation divided by the Civil War. Guelzo is a Civil War historian at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, and his book goes a long way to explaining why a nation that eradicated the blight of slavery allowed nearly a century to pass before African Americans enjoyed the most basic of civil rights. Reconstruction Reconstruction, simply put, is the “twelve years of active efforts to rebuild and reconstitute the American Union after the attempt by the…

A Significant Root of America’s Racial Strife

We can better understand today’s racial divisions when we remember the Civil War didn’t end political or religious strife.

What You Didn’t Know About Angels

The angels long to look into God’s plans for us. Let us occasionally return the favor.

The Hidden Sin That Destroys Relationships

God created us to respond to his glory, even the borrowed glory of those around us.

Help for Those Who’ve Lost the Art of Friendship

Friendship exists because God befriended us and created us to befriend one another.