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The Legacy of the Lamb in Bahrain

Samuel Zwemer was challenged to give his life in service to Christ and the nations while a student at Hope College in his hometown of Holland, Michigan. And Zwemer set his compass for one of the hardest, most neglected places on the planet: Arabia, the epicenter of Islam, a hostile place both physically and spiritually. After language study in Beirut, Zwemer reached the Arabian Peninsula in 1890. Maps and demographic information were sketchy, but Zwemer was aided by the help of Major General F. T….
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7 Ways to Preach an Ineffective Sermon

What makes preaching ineffective? Pastors are called to proclaim Christ and present everyone fully mature in him (Col. 1:28). Yet the parable of the soils (Mark 4) shows us that there’s a significant spiritual battle everywhere the Word is sown. Satan is all too eager to take away the Word implanted in a heart; persecution and the troubles of life can have a similarly devastating effect. In other words, often there…

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Jesus Did Not Pray Just to Set an Example

If even Jesus needed to pray, what does that say of us, his younger, non-divine siblings? How arrogant must

We All Live in Marx’s World Now

Bandying terms like “cultural Marxist” and “racist” simply as a way of avoiding real argument is shameful and should

Let Waiting Grow You

We wait for very little, so we get vexed if we have to wait for anything.

When Atheism Is Intellectually Weak

We evangelicals have too often conceded the intellectual high-ground to atheists.