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6 Ways to Foster Healthy Social Media Habits

It’s fashionable to lament the state of social media. Social media is addictive; it’s been linked to depressive symptoms; it can atrophy your ability to focus; it’s often a petri dish for tribalism and a playground for trolls. I’ve heard all of this. At the same time, I’ve formed all sorts of relationships and learned all sorts of things through one social platform or another. Regardless of whether social media is a net positive or negative, though, the simple truth is that many of us don’t have…
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Your Neighbor Is Probably a Unitarian Universalist

Most Americans are Unitarian Universalists. They just don’t know it. Only 0.3 percent of Americans identify as members of the denomination, but its belief system has come to define our culture. The central message of the UU church is that you can believe anything you want—except that there are objectively right and wrong beliefs.  It’s an appealing message for a society that has lost its faith…

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Richard Dawkins’s Latest Case for Outgrowing God

Richard Dawkins’s latest atheistic tract consistently fails to engage opposing arguments and frequently falls short of the research standards

Is It OK to Confess That Jesus Descended into Hell?

Christ’s descent pushes us to recognize that Jesus doesn’t simply know what it’s like to die. He knows what

The Best Single-Volume Reformed Systematic Theology You’ve Never Heard Of

Many books provide answers that satisfy the mind; better still is the book that presses those answers into the

Religious Liberty Is for Everyone’s Good

It’s vital that Christians exercise and defend that freedom wisely. The goal shouldn’t be to create an American theocracy