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Faith. Hope. Love.

One of the perennial Christian debates is between scholastics and pietists. Scholastics believe you know God through methodical theological study and careful distinctions. For pietists, you know God through simple Bible reading and basic Christian piety. The pietists annoy the scholastics by their refusal to wade into complex theological problems. The scholastics annoy the pietists by expending huge amounts of energy debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin—who cares?

Ideally, both sides can learn something from the other. We are, after all, called to worship God in truth; therefore debates about divine attributes or the ways God works in the world aren’t abstract and meaningless. They’re essential to understanding God’s character. Similarly, regular reminders to attend to Scripture…


Faith. Hope. Love.

What begins as an explanation of a debate that can seem academic is revealed to be an immensely practical...

7 Things You Should Know About the Lord’s Day

Renowned church historian Justo González surveys the way Christians—from the first to the 21st century—have treated Sunday.

How to Be Culturally Intelligent in a Fractured Age

A sermon’s ultimate aim is to showcase Christ. Period.

Loving Our Communities Like the Amish Do

The Amish don’t have all the answers, but they have some fundamental ones. We should listen.