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Meet the Lawyer Behind Alabama’s Abortion Ban

Eric Johnston passed the bar exam and started practicing law in 1973. The same year, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion on demand. As the founder and president of Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, Johnston has spent much of his legal career fighting to end abortion in this country. Johnston helped to write the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which makes providing abortion a felony except in cases where there is a serious risk to the…
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Heresy Often Begins with Boredom

Where does bad theology begin to go bad? Are there common origin points for heresies? In his book Bad Religion, Ross Douthat makes the compelling case that heresies often begin with attempts to neatly resolve the inherent paradoxes of the Christian faith, opting for either/or where orthodoxy is able to hold the both/and in tension:

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The Secret to Meaning When Death Looms

Doctors can delay death for a little while, but only Christ has defeated it forever.

How to See Human-Trafficking Victims, Even in Your Church

How do we launch a fight when the person we seek to help is invisible?

A Fresh Look at the 5 Missionary Martyrs in Ecuador

Revisiting America’s most-told missionary story.

Why Christians Need More Paradox

For the Christian, paradox is the stuff of sanity.