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Make ‘God Talk’ an Everyday Part of Family Life

The kitchen table was strewn with torn pages of notebook paper full of fractions and scribbles. Broken pencils, chewed-up erasers, and empty soda bottles were surrounded by crumpled snack wrappers; a low moan underscored it all. Had I stumbled upon a crime scene? No. I had stumbled upon my son amid the detritus of high-school geometry. Elbows on the table, blonde hair flopped between his hands, he said, “Argh! I don’t understand this! It’s impossible!” He explained what the problem was, showed me how he’d…
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My Hidden Trust in the Prosperity Gospel

In November 2015 my mother, who had no history of smoking, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. We were told there was no cure. She had six months to live at most. After her initial diagnosis, people from all walks of her life came to comfort her; and most of the time, they were really sweet. But like Job’s friends, there were a few who also tried to explain…

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Everyone’s Invited to the Kingdom Potluck
The topic of money and biblical stewardship levels the playing field for all types of Christians. God’s mandate for how to work and handle our money is humbling but liberating. In a world where the gap between the haves and have-nots appears to be widening, Christians are forced to wrestle with the question of how to steward our resources in the direction of economic justice. How can we be generous, wise, and God-honoring? In Practicing the King’s Economy: Honoring Jesus in How We Work, Earn, Spend, Save, and Give, Michael Rhodes (director of community development and an instructor at…

Everyone’s Invited to the Kingdom Potluck

This book challenges us to not merely feed our neighbors, but to also sit at the table with them.

Are Some Determined to Believe the Worst About Reformed Theology?

What Lennox defends isn’t a solid commitment to divine sovereignty and to human responsibility.

The Pope Who Would Be King

The longest occupant of Peter’s Chair (1846–1878) was a study in contradictions.

Can’t Men and Women Be Friends?

We need wisdom to know how to enjoy the blessings of friendship in a way that will honor both