Discipling Gen Z College Students: 3 Challenges and 3 Opportunities

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‘American Gospel’ Blows a Hole in the Prosperity Gospel

After years of watching the prosperity “gospel” advance in America, Africa, and beyond, a backlash is coming—one grounded in the Word of God and the gospel of grace. It’s thrilling to see. The new documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone, directed by Brandon Kimber, takes aim at this scourge. America has always been a pragmatic, can-do kind of country, and the film argues that the material focus of the prosperity “gospel” suits American culture. In offering…
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How to Discern God’s Will in Your Workplace

In 2004, businessman Terry Looper—founder and CEO of the $6 billion Texon energy company—was partway through negotiating a sale when he realized he’d forgotten to pray about it. “I hadn’t even tried to get neutral,” he said. “Getting neutral” is his term for pushing down any greed or selfish ambition, quieting his heart, and listening for the Holy Spirit’s leading. Looper makes decisions by spending time in prayer and Bible reading,…

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The Best Single-Volume Introduction to Apologetics

This is the best single-volume introduction to apologetics available today.

The Chaos Is No Match for the Cosmos

Why does Revelation 21 say the new earth will have “no more sea”?

Life Is Not ‘Meaningless’ in Ecclesiastes

Jesus’s resurrection may be the ultimate answer to death. But it isn’t Ecclesiastes’s answer.

How to Brave the Wild Technological Future

Virtual reality. Autonomous machines. Gene editing. Artificial intelligence. Robots. Nanotechnology. Cybernetics. Are you ready?