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9 Things You Should Know About the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Twenty-five years ago this week, President Bill Clinton signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA). At the time of the law’s signing, President Clinton said, What (RFRA) basically says is that the government should be held to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone’s free exercise of religion. This judgment is shared by the people of the United States as well as by the Congress. We believe strongly that we can never, we can never be…
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What 2018 Can Learn from 1943

Our society denies the sources of virtue and wisdom and then expects everybody to be virtuous and wise.

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Adam and Eve may have fallen, but they will keep rising again.

When a Gay Activist Comes to Jesus

Bennett’s story is one of costly discipleship.

A Significant Root of America’s Racial Strife

We can better understand today’s racial divisions when we remember the Civil War didn’t end political or religious strife.