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7 Principles for Teaching Kids to Interpret the Bible

Of the three steps of Bible study—observation, interpretation, and application—the middle one is often the most daunting. We may hear words like “hermeneutics” (the science of interpretation) or “exegesis” (critical explanation or interpretation of a text) and think interpretation is something best left to experts. While we should certainly take advantage of the expertise of pastors, scholars, and theologians, basic interpretation of the Bible is a necessary task for every believer. Here are seven principles that should guide your efforts as you teach children to…
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Jesus, Did You Know?

“Mary, Did You Know?”—the popular Christmas tune—was originally released in 1991 and sung by Michael English. The (overly?) dramatic song went on to be a cultural phenomenon. Its lyrics ponder the mystery of a human mother giving birth to a baby boy who will eventually calm a storm with his hand and cause the dead to live again. The song asks a series of questions that really boils down…

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