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Let’s Transgress Racial Walls

“If the church is ever going to summon the courage to transgress these walls of hostility,” David Leong writes in his new book, Race & Place: How Urban Geography Shapes the Journey to Reconciliation, “then we must understand the walls we’re up against.”

Leong—associate professor of missiology at Seattle Pacific University—gives equal attention to the visible and invisible walls that separate communities and stand between our ideas of reconciliation and their realization.

We have to understand these walls, Leong argues, before we’ll ever find the courage to transgress them.

8 Mile Road and 30-Year Mortgage Plans

Speaking of walls, did you know there’s a concrete wall along Detroit’s famed 8 Mile Road? It’s a half-mile long, six feet tall, and one foot thick. It was built in 1940 so…


Let’s Transgress Racial Walls

Our discussion of race must include place.

The Roots of Protestantism Are Ancient

Stewart disputes that the pathway to ancient Christianity requires a move to Rome or the East.

Did Luther Really Cause Secularism?

Martin Luther is not the cause of a crisis in authority but a response to it.

Unexpected Counsel from Martin Luther

The gospel was everything in Luther’s counseling ministry. Here’s what we can learn.