‘Broken,’ ‘Authentic,’ ‘Surrender’: The Problem of Christian Jargon

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3 Reasons to Take Your Children to Funerals

Should you take your child to a funeral? Conventional wisdom would say no. Parents are supposed to provide positive experiences for their children and protect them from dark realities, right? And a funeral (if we even call them that anymore; “memorial service” sounds less ominous) are certainly a dark reality. But while the impulse to protect or shield our children can seem normal or wise, the wisdom of Scripture suggests an alternative to our conventional assumptions….
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Put Some Clothes On

Nobody likes being inappropriately or inadequately dressed. This is why, when we’re going to an event, we call our friends and ask what they’re wearing, and why we’re embarrassed when we think we’ve over- or under-dressed. When the Bible’s story opens in Eden, there’s no hint of embarrassment over being undressed. We read in Genesis 2:25, “The man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” They were,…

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What You Didn’t Know About Angels

The angels long to look into God’s plans for us. Let us occasionally return the favor.

The Hidden Sin That Destroys Relationships

God created us to respond to his glory, even the borrowed glory of those around us.

Help for Those Who’ve Lost the Art of Friendship

Friendship exists because God befriended us and created us to befriend one another.

When a Good God Encounters a Gay Girl

Perry’s story points to Jesus Christ through and through, and without hesitation.