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How ‘No Creed But the Bible’ Subverts the Bible

It sounds so heartening when you first hear it: “No creed but the Bible.” You’re a young Christian, you love the Bible, and you’re eager to be around people who share your passion for the Word. But as time goes on, you realize there are some problems with this seemingly innocent sentence. “No creed but the Bible” actually functions as a governing theological statement that norms all others. In a dazzling burst of irony, “No creed but the Bible” fails its own test, because…
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A Tragic Chapter in Christian Missions

The gospel that should reconcile all peoples was compromised and weaponized to enforce racial hierarchy.

How America (and the Church) Can Support Blue-Collar Workers

A prosperity that doesn’t include the ability to work is no prosperity at all.

A Finance Guide for Married Couples

Money problems expose marriage problems. This is now my go-to book on money for married couples.

A New Catechism to Encourage Preachers

Here’s a man who knows what I’m going through, and I want to hear what he has to say