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When Church Planting Harms the City

The world is urbanizing. Cities are growing at astonishing rates—some estimates claim that by 2050, as much as 70 percent of the world’s population will be in urban centers. We need churches in cities worldwide, and church planting is needed to keep pace with this move. Heady numbers and figures are often thrown around. But there’s a darker side sometimes hidden within this narrative. As people move into cities, housing prices increase, and long-term residents can be pushed out, whether through formal means or by natural…
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How Do Churches End Up with Domineering Bullies for Pastors?

We are, sadly, familiar with pastors having to leave the ministry because of sexual impropriety. These incidents seem to occur with such frequency as to be barely newsworthy to a watching world. But another, equally sad trend has developed in recent years: Pastors having to leave for bullying. While we should be concerned by this trend, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. The apostle Peter expected this possibility back in the first…

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Why I Would Become a Stoic
As a professor at Houston Baptist University, each spring I guide a group of students through the Stoic Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. As part of that journey I always confess, to the surprise of many students, that if it could be proven Christ didn’t rise from the dead, I’d abandon Christianity and become a Stoic. I mean that. If the resurrection didn’t happen, then Christianity is a hoax. If Christianity is a hoax, then God has not really spoken. And if God hasn’t really spoken, then the best plan of action is to rein in one’s passions, curb one’s…

Why I Would Become a Stoic

If it could be proven that Christ didn’t rise from the dead, I would abandon Christianity and become a

How to Form a Christian Mind in a Digital World

Digital discipline is crucial for Christians who want to grow in their knowledge of God and his truth.

The Best Single-Volume Introduction to Apologetics

This is the best single-volume introduction to apologetics available today.

The Chaos Is No Match for the Cosmos

Why does Revelation 21 say the new earth will have “no more sea”?