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God Didn’t Call Someone Else to Preach to Your Church

A church in Colorado recently posted a job listing that created a buzz. They were searching for a preacher who would memorize and repeat sermons preached by famous communicators, such as Steven Furtick. When you listen to certain preachers, they argued, you “feel like you were fed.” So why not try to replicate their preaching? While their proposal is unorthodox, it’s simply the logical (if extreme) outworking of an assumption that permeates many churches today. Namely, that what a church primarily needs from their pastor is…
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How Foster Care Became a Christian Priority—Just in Time

Before 2009, the number of children in Arizona’s foster care system hovered between 6,000 and 9,000. “That’s unacceptable, but it was consistently normal for us,” said Katie O’Dell, executive director for the Christian foster care and adoption organization Arizona 1.27. “Then, from 2009 to 2010, we started seeing it climbing by the hundreds every month.” By 2011, there were 10,883 kids in the system. A year later, 13,461. By 2016,…

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Girl, Wash Your Face? What Rachel Hollis Gets Right and Wrong.
Rachel Hollis is taking the Christian world by storm—and I get it. She’s beautiful, smart, ambitious, funny, and a crazy good writer. The girl can tell a story that will have you crying one minute and shooting Diet Coke out of your nose the next. She’s carved out a nice little corner of the internet for herself, cultivating a community more than a million strong and growing. She cooks, decorates, gives advice, and is known for her no-nonsense honesty and humor: “I love Jesus, and I cuss a little. I love Jesus, and I drink alcohol. I love Jesus, and…

Girl, Wash Your Face? What Rachel Hollis Gets Right and Wrong.

Yes. Wash your face. Take care of yourself. Make good choices. But know who you are in Jesus Christ.

How George Whitefield Expanded the British Empire

A stimulating introduction to this transatlantic giant of great accomplishments and grave flaws.

‘What’s the Time?’ Is a Christian Question

We need to speak to the moment of God’s grand narrative in which we find ourselves.

‘Waiting Forward’ in a Backward World

We don’t wonder if God can make good out of bad; we just don’t like that it comes that