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Growing Word-Rooted Christians in Chicago

With a population close to 10 million, the Chicago metropolitan area is America’s largest Midwestern city and third largest overall. Known for its architecture, deep dish pizza, avid sports fans, and sprawling suburbs, the Windy City also boasts a sizable Christian population. While only about half of the residents in Seattle (52 percent) and San Francisco (48 percent) identify as Christians, 71 percent of Chicagoans call themselves Christians (a large portion of these are Catholic; Chicago has one…
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Your Kids Are Not Projects or Burdens. They Are Gifts.

A sweet friend said she enjoyed watching my wife and me smile and wave and delight on the Sundays when our 5-year-old daughter sings in the children’s choir. Indeed, there is a deep joy—a gleeful celebration—in watching our little angel sing praises to the Lord, complete with hand motions. But there is both beauty and sorrow behind our elation. You see, my wife and I didn’t expect our children to live…

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The Difficult Prophet and Tim Keller’s Legacy
In the political confusion of recent years, many Christian leaders have invoked Old Testament stories to make sense of contemporary issues. Some have heralded Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus as examples of God using secular rulers for his ends. Others note David’s affair with Bathsheba, concluding that a leader’s moral failings aren’t necessarily disqualifying. Still others appeal to the story of Nehemiah as evidence that God supports building walls. Almost invariably, such references are used to validate existing political loyalties. With his new book, The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God’s Mercy, pastor, author, and TGC vice president Timothy…

The Difficult Prophet and Tim Keller’s Legacy

The mercy of God is greater than our prodigal ways.

American Evangelicals through a Global Lens

American evangelicals are a complicated people in a complicated world.

A Guide for Skeptics Intrigued by Jesus

We may be done with religion, but we’re not yet done with Jesus. Not yet.

Storm-Tossed Homes Need Cross-Shaped Habits

This cross-centered message must be accompanied by a cross-shaped value system.