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6 Ways Church Planting Blesses the Sending Church

How can giving away our best people possibly be good for us? This is precisely what many congregations wonder when they encounter the idea of church planting. I understand the question and concern, but I want to challenge the underlying mindset. Send the Best The we-can’t-send-off-our-best-people mentality is more like a baseball general manager not wanting to trade his best players than it’s like the New Testament ministry model. Paul and Barnabas were sent out from the church in Antioch (Acts 13:1–3); and when it came to…
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What Jesus Says About Sexuality in a #MeToo Age

It’s not often that a single tweet explodes into an enormous movement. But on October 15, 2017, Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano posted a tweet in response to the growing awareness of sexual abuse in the movie industry: If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet. Milano wasn’t the only person speaking to this issue and encouraging others to share their own stories….

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The Pastor’s One Essential Responsibility

Like it or not, pastor, your people are being discipled. Every day. What role is the church playing in

Do Theology for God’s Sake

The subject matter of theological study is dangerous and untamed.

J. D. Greear’s Challenge: How Will You Respond?

J. D. Greear asks questions I wish more of us wrestled with.

Religious Freedom Is a Christian Idea

Joe Carter reviews, in the words of Albert Mohler, “the most important book on religious liberty to appear in