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How Do I Deal with the Genealogies?

In a culture accustomed to an endless stream of entertainment, a sermon on a genealogy surely must rank alongside a root canal or a trip to the DMV on the last day of the month. Even many mature saints skip these passages in their Bible reading or become discouraged trying to read them, so it’s unlikely a pastor will create excitement by announcing that next week’s sermon will be on a roster of names. Pastors, as we preach through the Scriptures, we must reaffirm our…
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Give Your Children All of Your Attention. Some of the Time.

There’s a battle raging in my mind this week. It’s school vacation, and my three kids are home and constantly seeking my attention. I keep telling myself, Put down your phone! Stop getting distracted! But when I do, my other chores and responsibilities seem to call out just as loudly as my kids. How can I be a good mother, when I have so much else to do? Like many others, I…

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Don’t Just Wait for Gospel Opportunities
Some of us approach evangelism with about as much enthusiasm as our sixth-grade spelling bee. Joy would certainly not be the first word that comes to mind when we think of such a task. Instead, fear—the fear of man and of messing up—can dominate our thoughts and stifle any inclination to open our mouths. But speaking the gospel doesn’t have to be so dreadful. In their new book, Joyfully Spreading the Word: Sharing the Good News of Jesus, editors Kathleen Nielson and Gloria Furman bring together a cadre of authors (Becky Pippert, Megan Hill, Camille Hallstrom, Eowyn Stoddard, Jamie Love,…

Don’t Just Wait for Gospel Opportunities

Speaking the gospel doesn’t have to be so dreadful.

A Book to Help You Not Ruin Your Life

Wondering if there is enough forgiveness for your sin is like a child wondering if there is enough water

Let Mark Dever Introduce You to Richard Sibbes

This book is now the best introduction to the life and thought of the ‘sweet dropper of grace.’

Why Westerners Need Rabbi Jesus

The very things that make life easier as a Westerner can disadvantage you when it comes to understanding your