A Debate Between Andrew Wilson and Tom Schreiner on Spiritual Gifts

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Does the Universe Require a Cause?

Why is there something rather than nothing? That little phrase, often used to poke fun at philosophical speculation, nevertheless points to a real puzzle. We all assume that particular things we encounter in the world—tables and trees, cats and kazoos—always have a cause. For every object that exists, we believe there’s something that accounts for its existence, some story that explains it. But is there a story that explains not just the existence of those particular things, but of absolutely everything there is in the…
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Why I Changed My Mind About Fundraising for Our Church Plant

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were in the thick of fundraising for our church plant. We were a few months away from launching, and it seemed we spent all our time writing letters and thank-you notes, and organizing gatherings where we’d invite people to invest in our church. Our situation going into fundraising was not ideal, in that we were in a bit of a time…

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The Secret to a Fruitful Christian Life

The wisest Christians know that the secret to a happy Christian life is cultivating and protecting the heart.

How to Answer the 12 Strongest Objections to Christianity

Real Christianity doesn’t crush diversity, hinder morality, cause violence, undercut science, or denigrate women.

Why We Need the Apostles’ Creed in 2019

Want a more vibrant, energized Christian life? Let Albert Mohler help you rediscover an ancient creed.

Pastor, How Will You Make It in Ministry?

Ministers are like Amazon boxes.