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Give Kids the Big Picture of Stewardship

Matt and Kelly Kaye live in Memphis with their two sons, Ross and Nash. To teach Ross and Nash biblical principles of saving and giving, they created TillSOS, a wooden till that helps children manage their money by dividing it into five categories: God, Others, Savings, Spending, and Extra. Under each category, a purposeful Scripture reference is overlaid on artwork, which helps them better understand the true source of stewardship (SOS). The Kayes are hoping to share TillSOS with interested families, but must meet a production minimum through…
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Want to Be Like Jesus? Be Gentle.

Jonathan Edwards wrote that “a lamblike, dovelike spirit and temper” is “the true, and distinguishing disposition of the hearts of Christians.” And he has something to teach us. Not many have identified gentleness as a major theme in Edwards (more common are titles such as Jonathan Edwards: The Fiery Puritan), and not many identify gentleness as a major need in the church right now. And yet gentleness is perhaps…
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My commute to downtown Nashville has lengthened in recent days. Middle Tennessee is experiencing a season of explosive growth, which benefits the housing market…

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American Evangelicals through a Global Lens
The standard saga of modern American evangelicalism has been told time and again. It goes something like this: mid-20th-century American evangelicals broke away from fundamentalists, re-engaged society, created the Religious Right in the late 1970s, launched divisive culture wars, and radically transformed politics. The sketch isn’t entirely wrong—but it’s not the whole story. Viewed mostly through a domestic lens, the mainstream perspective of American evangelicalism has been nearsighted. To see the bigger picture, we need a global lens. Global Lens This is exactly what Melani McAlister—professor of American studies, international affairs, and media and public affairs at The George Washington University—provides in…

American Evangelicals through a Global Lens

American evangelicals are a complicated people in a complicated world.

A Guide for Skeptics Intrigued by Jesus

We may be done with religion, but we’re not yet done with Jesus. Not yet.

Storm-Tossed Homes Need Cross-Shaped Habits

This cross-centered message must be accompanied by a cross-shaped value system.

Learn the Difference between Right and Almost Right

Rules can prescribe the right behavior, but they can’t form the right character.