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The Danger of Neglecting Beauty

“There’s so much beauty around us for just two eyes to see. But everywhere I go, I’m looking.” — Rich Mullins

Philosophers have long wrestled with this question: What makes humanity distinct from all other life forms? They often point to our desire for truth, goodness, and beauty. Christian theologians have…

America’s Pastor
This new biography situates Billy Graham alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Pope John Paul II as the men most responsible under God for shaping our current spiritual climate, especially in the United States.
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Why ‘Love Thy Body’ Is Such a Timely Call

There is vivid line at the start of N. T. Wright’s Paul and His Recent Interpreters:

Trying to describe what was going on in Pauline theology used to be like trying to board a moving train. It is now more like trying to describe a box of fireworks seven seconds after someone has thrown a match into it. (26)

As many of us try to follow the rapidly developing cultural debates around the ethics of life, sexuality, and gender, we feel the same bewilderment and sense of danger. Happily, a number of resources have arrived to describe and analyze those debates and help craft the church’s response.

Quite rightly, a number have focused on the specific issue of transgenderism and, more specifically still, on…


Why ‘Love Thy Body’ Is Such a Timely Call

What connects so many of our culture’s hot-button issues? A diminished view of the body.

N. T. Wright Wants to Reintroduce You to Paul

Wright paints Paul as a person: a real individual with ups and downs, agendas and complexities, hopes and fears.

How Google, Amazon, and Facebook Shape Your Mind

Stewardship of our minds isn’t less important than stewardship of our bodies.

Does God Care Where You Go to College?

Choosing a college can be incredibly exciting, but also incredibly difficult.