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Let Go and Love God

My husband, Jim, loved cars—Mustangs in particular. For years, a small matchbox sufficed for the real thing. When a financial windfall came our way, he bought his dream: a deep red Mustang with a black convertible top. The day we picked her up, Jim looked like a 5-year-old waiting to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He dropped the canopy while I searched for a Beatles station. “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah . . .” transformed that vehicle into a time-machine joyride….
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Don’t Use ‘Calling’ to Avoid Serving

When is the last time you heard an appeal in your church to serve a particular group of people? Maybe this summer you’ve heard appeals to serve at children’s VBS. Or in the winter to serve the homeless. Or in the fall to consider becoming a youth teacher or small-group leader. How many of us have heard these appeals to serve somewhere in the church and…

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Help! I’m Brain-Fried and Burnt-Out
In a world of all-you-can-eat buffets of entertainment, the ability to limit and curate one’s life has become difficult, if not nearly impossible. We’ve been conditioned to believe that with unlimited options comes unlimited freedom. Limitless choices, however, lead to constant wandering and endless fatigue. Numerous studies demonstrate a correlation between social-media consumption and negative effects on mental and emotional health. Justin Earley—a mergers and acquisitions lawyer in Richmond, Virginia—has experience with this correlation, and I suspect many of us do as well. We feel pulled in a million different directions and are tempted to forsake mental, emotional, and spiritual…

Help! I’m Brain-Fried and Burnt-Out

If you feel pulled in a thousand different directions, this book is for you.

What a Famous Poet Can Teach Rural Pastors

Three reasons I’ve been drawn to read and return to this classic work.

How to Thrive in a World of Competing Spectacles

We were created to see Christ. He is the spectacle we seek among this earthly theater.

What Unlikely Converts Can Teach Us About Evangelism (and Ourselves)

The gospel is for everyone. And the task of evangelism includes every Christian—even those you’d least expect.