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The Conversation About Sex You Need to Have with Your Spouse

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How Christians Can Prepare for the 2020 Election

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, my classroom at John Brown University teemed with a palpable sense of both quiet fervor and also numb disbelief. Later I learned many students had watched the election results together, one group applauding and cheering as the outcome became more certain, another shrinking from disappointment to fear to anguish. On our campus—a distinctly Christian environment with low levels of political engagement—such a…

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The Christian Scholar Caught Between the Nazis and Communists

This is a biography of a man, not just a martyr. The martyr inspires us; the man reflects us.

‘Everything Is Christ’—and Other Muddled Messages from Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr’s ‘The Universal Christ’ aligns with what Scripture calls ‘the spirit of the antichrist.’

The Secret to Faithful Evangelism Today

A book this encouraging and convicting is a must-have for pastors to read and give away liberally.

Does Your Church Feel Like a Home?

Simply conceiving the church mainly as a home rather than an organization can have a profound effect.