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How IVF Can Be Morally Right

In vitro fertilization (abbreviated IVF) is the process of joining a woman’s egg (ovum) and a husband’s sperm in a lab rather than inside a woman’s body. (The Latin phrase in vitro means “in glass.”) When the egg is fertilized by the sperm, the result is a living embryo, which is then implanted in the woman’s womb so that it can develop like any other baby. Evangelical Christians differ on the moral acceptability of this procedure, and some respected evangelical writers argue that IVF is…
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The Ancient New Alternative to the SAT and ACT

Last month, 50 people were charged with scheming to get students into elite universities. While some of the charges involved falsifying student athletic abilities, most revolved around the standardized achievement tests nearly every college student takes: the ACT and SAT. Some parents paid for false learning-disability diagnoses, which gained their children extra time to take the exams. Others paid “a really smart guy” to take the tests for…

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WARNING: Objects in Mirror Not so Dire as They Appear

The crisis someone is trying to sell you today most likely isn’t. Don’t click.

The Secret to a Fruitful Christian Life

The wisest Christians know that the secret to a happy Christian life is cultivating and protecting the heart.

How to Answer the 12 Strongest Objections to Christianity

Real Christianity doesn’t crush diversity, hinder morality, cause violence, undercut science, or denigrate women.

Why We Need the Apostles’ Creed in 2019

Want a more vibrant, energized Christian life? Let Albert Mohler help you rediscover an ancient creed.