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9 Things You Should Know About the Creation of Modern Israel

On Wednesday and Thursday, the modern state of Israeli celebrated the 70th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence. Here are nine things you should know about the creation of the modern Israeli state. 1. In AD 138, the ancient nation of Israel ceased to exist when the Roman emperor Hadrian crushed the Bar Kochba revolt and banned all Jews from Palestine (i.e., the biblical regions known as the Land of Israel). The land was conquered by various nations until 1517, when it was controlled…
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The Non-Negotiable of Missionary Integrity

In many places missionaries fit into the same social category as politicians and car mechanics. They’re received, whether at customs or the local coiffeur, with suspicion. Their words are rarely believed. That’s because more and more kingdom ambassadors are going into areas that are increasingly nationalistic or hostile to the gospel. Even when the locals aren’t opposed to Christianity per se, they may simply distrust foreigners. The fact is, missionaries…

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How the ‘City’ Theme Opens Better Biblical Views
I’ve never been much of a city boy. Growing up 15 miles from the nearest Walmart and driving a tractor by age 12, my life song could easily have been John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” But if T. Desmond Alexander is right, then I’m going to have to make some adjustments. Because according to his new book, the city is precisely where I and all of God’s people are headed. Not a city filled with crime or smog or traffic jams, but a city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God (Heb. 11:10). The City…

How the ‘City’ Theme Opens Better Biblical Views

God’s original goal was to dwell with his people in a holy city.

Living the Christian Life with C. S. Lewis

The best books about C. S. Lewis make us want to turn to Lewis himself.

The Spiritual Benefits of Dying

There is something spiritually necessary for us to experience in our journey of dying.

What Jim Bakker Can Teach American Evangelicals Today

Jim Bakker’s ministry has much to say about the recent past and present of American evangelicalism.