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Gospel Grace Can Revolutionize Your Mediocre Marriage

Growing up in a port city, I often sat with my dad and watched as massive cargo ships came and went from the bay, each laden with thousands of containers full of countless treasures. The ships were so heavy they had to shut off their engines more than a mile out just to slow down to a manageable speed prior to docking. If at any point the captain lost control, disaster was imminent—the ship’s mass and momentum were too great to redirect its course…
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A Secular Shakespeare Scholar on Adam and Eve
Belief in a literal Adam and Eve was once the bedrock of Christianity. Some of the most gifted thinkers in all intellectual history lived and died by this origin story. But by 1892, in a short piece titled “Extracts from Adam’s Diary,” the American literary icon Mark Twain was already openly ridiculing the very idea of an original pair. How did Adam and Eve move from first parents to witty punchline? Enter Harvard humanities professor Stephen Greenblatt. Greenblatt is an accomplished Shakespeare scholar and perhaps best known for his books Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare (2004)…

A Secular Shakespeare Scholar on Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve may have fallen, but they will keep rising again.

When a Gay Activist Comes to Jesus

Bennett’s story is one of costly discipleship.

A Significant Root of America’s Racial Strife

We can better understand today’s racial divisions when we remember the Civil War didn’t end political or religious strife.

What You Didn’t Know About Angels

The angels long to look into God’s plans for us. Let us occasionally return the favor.