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We Three Kings of Orient Aren’t

They typically receive fourth billing in Christmas plays. Outfitted with oversized bathrobes and foil crowns, they present shoeboxes to the baby doll in the manger. Nearby are cattle-a-lowing, angels, and shepherds too young for speaking parts.

They are the “wise men.” Immortalized in Matthew 2:1–12 and seared into our collective…

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A Vibrant Theological Painting

If our theological convictions were a house, some books build the foundation, stabilizing the ideas we hold about God. Others paint the structure with brilliant and beautiful colors, giving what we believe about God a kind of vibrancy.

The trick, then, is to discern which books should build up the foundation, and which should be left for the painting. It’s not hard to imagine readers wondering where exactly to place Emmanuel Carrère’s latest book, The Kingdom, as they construct their own theological house.


This book is nearly impossible to pin down in a particular genre. The Library of Congress deemed it fiction and biography, which, after having read it, seems to be about the best one can do, but how can it be both? One reason to…


A Vibrant Theological Painting

‘The Kingdom’ is not for those who need theological foundations, but for those whose theology has become drab and...

Life Is Best When It Ain’t about You

You have to worship God in order to get your eyes off yourself.

Figuring Out Faithfulness with Same-Sex Attraction

We long for dignity, holiness, and fullness of life for nonstraight Christians in the church.

How Idolatry Shrivels Your Soul

Only Living Water can quench our thirsts—all of them.