‘The Favourite’ and ‘Roma’: Contrasting Visions of Power

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10 Reasons Your Church Should Sing Psalms

When we think of the Psalms, most of us think solely of reading them. But we should also sing them, particularly in the gathering of the church. Indeed, for 3,000 years the Psalter has been the songbook of God’s people. Here are 10 reasons why it’s important to sing the Psalms in your church today. 1. The Bible Tells Us To That’s the strongest argument we’ve got. And it’s a good one! When we don’t take the Psalms seriously, our commitment to the Bible is called into question as…
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How to Love Opioid Addicts in Your Community—and Church

It was 2 a.m. when I received the call. A young man in our church had gotten high on heroin, cut his wrist, and posted on Facebook that he was ready to die. Since his relapse a few months prior, members of the church had been trying to help him. I rushed out of bed and spent the night driving the streets of our little town, alongside law enforcement,…

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Want to Flourish? Stop Focusing on Yourself

Let’s move from “What do people think of me?” to “What do people think of him?”

To Be or To Do?

Love seems to be the missing element in the contemplation versus action debate.

Frederick Douglass and His Fight for Freedom

Frederick Douglass was a remarkable thinker, as well as a remarkable human.

A Tragic Chapter in Christian Missions

The gospel that should reconcile all peoples was compromised and weaponized to enforce racial hierarchy.