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Jared C. Wilson is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Seminary, managing editor of For The Church, and author of more than ten books, including Gospel Wakefulness, The Pastor’s Justification, and The Prodigal Church. You can follow him on Twitter.


Jared’s Books

Persecuted Christians Are Telling Their Story; Here’s an Easy Way to Listen and Respond

Today, Open Doors USA is releasing Pray for the Persecuted, a free app that will connect American Christians with persecuted believers around the world.

The Lord’s 9/11

Perhaps “the Lord reigns” is not so comforting to

C. S. Lewis and T. S. Eliot: Unlikely Partners in Mythopoeic Pilgrimage

They were supposed to hate each other. But C.S.

In Praise of Pastoral Renaissance Men

The pastor should be a faithful family man, a

Pastor Only Out of Love

Would you last as a pastor? Then you must