The Gospel Coalition Podcast features lectures and workshops from our conferences as well as timely interviews and round table discussions on applying the gospel to the issues of our day.
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Learning Pastoral Ministry from the Past

In this podcast, Scott Manetsch explores pastoral practice in reformed Geneva and suggests ways Calvin’s model is relevant for faithful Christian ministry today.

How to Disagree

In this podcast, Matt Chandler, Michael Horton, and Tim Keller discuss how Christians should disagree with each other and their theological opponents.

Nancy Guthrie talks to some of the best teachers and preachers of our day to equip all kinds of Bible teachers to creatively teach through specific books of the Bible.
Latest Episodes
Elizabeth Groves on Context, Context, Context

In this podcast, Nancy Guthrie interviews Elizabeth Groves on how context should influence our Bible teaching.

Iain Duguid on Teaching Ezekiel

In this podcast, Nancy Guthrie interviews professor Iain Duguid on how to teach the difficult book of Ezekiel.

Feed on God's word mid-week by listening to sound biblical sermons selected by The Gospel Coalition editors.
Latest Episodes
Whatever My God Ordains Is Right

This sermon on Psalm 39 and the problem of evil was preached by Anthony Carter the week of the shootings at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Charleston.

Strength You Can’t Will

In this sermon on Ephesians 4:14–21, Steve Patton speaks on how true strength comes to Christians through the Spirit in response to prayer.

Churches Planting Churches is a podcast produced by Acts 29 in partnership with The Gospel Coalition. Tony Merida talks with various church planters, pastors, theologians, and innovators; sharing stories and insights to help you serve Christ’s church more faithfully and effectively.
Latest Episodes
Earth’s Largest Unreached Nation Needs Churches

The great task of making disciples of all nations will not be easy. But Jesus did not promise us ease.

Matt Chandler to Church Planters: Be Courageous

Courage changes the way we plant churches.