The Gospel Coalition Podcast features lectures and workshops from our conferences as well as timely interviews and round table discussions on applying the gospel to the issues of our day.
Latest Episodes
The Left Behind of Rural America

In this podcast, Collin Hansen and Stephen Witmer discuss the implications of Robert Wuthnow’s book ‘The Left Behind: Decline and Rage in Rural America.’

How We Should (and Shouldn’t) Relate to Islam

In this podcast, Zane Pratt talks about what Christians need to know about Islam.

Nancy Guthrie talks to some of the best teachers and preachers of our day to equip all kinds of Bible teachers to creatively teach through specific books of the Bible.
Latest Episodes
Iain Duguid on Teaching Ezekiel

In this podcast, Nancy Guthrie interviews professor Iain Duguid on how to teach the difficult book of Ezekiel.

Jennifer Marshall on Applying the Bible to Public Policy Issues

In this podcast, Nancy Guthrie interviews Jennifer Marshall about why and how Bible study should our views on public policy.

Feed on God's word mid-week by listening to sound biblical sermons selected by The Gospel Coalition editors.
Latest Episodes
How to Worship with Your Debit Card

In this sermon on Proverbs 3:9–10, Jeremy Treat offers a biblical view on how to bring finances in line with faith.

How to Be Patient

In this sermon, Duff James looks at the apostle James’s teaching on the real meaning of patience.

Churches Planting Churches is a podcast produced by Acts 29 in partnership with The Gospel Coalition. Tony Merida talks with various church planters, pastors, theologians, and innovators; sharing stories and insights to help you serve Christ’s church more faithfully and effectively.
Latest Episodes
Preaching That Moves People

Tony Merida talks with Yancey Arrington on how do we preach sermons that truly move people?

How to Train and Mobilize Women in Your Church

Sadly, confusion over what roles women can and can’t fill in the church has often left pastors feeling paralyzed as to how to move forward in discipling and deploying women.