The Author

Glen Scrivener is an evangelist and author of several books, including 3 2 1: The Story of God, the World, and You and Four Kinds of Christmas: Which Are You?. Glen also directs the charity Speak Life, which released a four-episode evangelistic mini-film, Meet the Nativity, in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2017.

A Simple (Catechism) Game for Little Kids

While discussing God with my Muslim barber, I was helped by my 4-year-old piping up from the waiting area.

Many Video Games Are Life and Death. One Is Death and Then Life.

The (non-cheesy) video game that radiates Easter truth. Check

‘Kill Me a Son’: The Beautiful Scandal of Abraham’s Sacrifice

Child sacrifice? In a holy book? What should we

Our Pioneer through the Storms of Death

Not even Satan himself will know the depths of