The doctrine of justification concerns God’s gracious judicial verdict in advance of the day of judgment, pronouncing guilty sinners, who turn in self-despairing trust to Jesus Christ, forgiven, acquitted of all charges and declared morally upright in God’s sight.


Before God’s law humans stand condemned and there is no way they can put themselves right with God. In the gospel God reveals his way of putting sinners right with himself. Jesus, the Son of God, became the sinner’s representative and substitute. As God’s obedient servant, he lived a righteous life and died the atoning death of the cross. Justification is one of the key components of God’s saving work. It concerns the “great exchange” where both the sins of his people were put to Christ’s account and he paid the price, and also the righteousness of Christ’s obedience to the Father in life and death was put to their account. It is by faith alone in Christ alone that sinners are justified. There is no substance to the many objections made to this doctrine but the benefits that result from this gospel truth are enormous and the implications significant.





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