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Chris Bruno (PhD, Wheaton College) serves with Trinity Christian School and Kailua Baptist Church in Kailua, Hawaii. He and his wife, Katie, have four sons. You can follow him on Twitter

4 Reasons to Soak Yourself in the Psalms

Until recently, being part of the church for any length of time meant regular and systematic exposure to the Psalms.

The Untapped Tool for Christian Apologetics

Seeing those NFL stars on my flight reminded me

Can God Save a Fundamentalist School?

It was a fundamentalist school in every meaningful sense

You Asked: How Could Sinful Lot Have Been Righteous?

Editors’ Note: Send your theological, biblical, and practical ministry questions to [email protected] along with your full name, city, and state. We’ll pass them along to The Gospel

Mistaken Monotheism

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? This