Kay and David Arthur on a Legacy of Knowing God’s Word

Kay and David Arthur on a Legacy of Knowing God’s Word

Nancy Guthrie interviews Kay Arthur and David Arthur

I posted a picture from my interview with Kay Arthur and her son David Arthur on social media the day we talked, and the most common comment from people was that they first came to really know and love God’s Word in a Precepts Bible study. Few people have had the worldwide influence that Kay Arthur has had through the ministry of Precepts International, founded with her late husband, Jack, and now led by her son David.

There are a few places in the interview where it might be difficult to hear Kay talk—that’s because several times she became very emotional. Each time it was because she was moved by her love for God’s Word and the sufficiency of God’s Word. It was a joy to talk to David and Kay about the aims of Precept Ministries, how their own teaching of the Bible developed, and what makes people want to listen to their teaching.

You can listen to this episode here.


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