Many of the best Bible teachers I know name Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) as one of their most significant influences. So for this episode of Help Me Teach the Bible, I sat down with two Bible teachers who fit into that category to discuss why a Bible teacher in our day should read the writings of this 18th-century teacher, preacher, philosopher, writer, and theologian.

Nathan Finn is dean of the School of Theology and Missions and professor of Christian thought and tradition at Union University, and co-editor with Jeremy Kimble of A Reader’s Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan EdwardsDavid Filson is pastor of teaching at Christ Presbyterian Church and co-host of East of Eden, a podcast on the biblical and systematic theology of Jonathan Edwards. Finn and Filson agreed on numerous recommendations for Bible teachers getting started with Edwards, including

Resources mentioned in the conversation:

You can listen to the episode here.

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