I love to talk to Ligon Duncan about pretty much anything, but it was especially enjoyable to talk to him about one of his many areas of expertise—covenant theology. As he mentions in our conversation, he has taught a covenant theology course at Reformed Theological Seminary 30-something times. The audio for this course is available via iTunes and is well worth listening through—especially if, like me, you did not grow up understanding how covenant provides a framework for understanding the whole of the Bible.

I asked Duncan to contrast covenant theology with the foundational tenets of dispensational theology. Because so much modern evangelical Christian media presuppose dispensationalism, many of us—and those we are teaching—have been inundated with dispensationalism without necessarily knowing it. In this part of our conversation, Duncan articulates responses to those who call covenant theology “replacement theology,” and addresses the belief that God has a plan for the nation of Israel that is separate from the church.