Melissa Kruger on Asking Better Questions

One way to teach is to lecture. Certainly it’s more controllable. But does it provide the best way for those we’re teaching to learn?

Creating interaction, some back-and-forth on the text and its implications, with those we’re teaching creates a more fruitful learning environment. But to teach this way, we have to develop our skills in asking good questions as well as avoiding unhelpful or frustrating questions.

In this episode I talked to Melissa Kruger, director of women’s content at The Gospel Coalition, about what kinds of questions help people to learn, especially in a small-group Bible studies. We built our conversation around the helpful articles she wrote a couple of years ago—“4 Types of Questions NOT to Ask in Your Small Group Bible Study” and “Asking Better Questions in Small-Group Discussions.” I also asked Melissa a few questions about her own development as a Bible teacher and what she looks for as she selects women to teach at The Gospel Coalition’s 2020 Women’s Conference.

Listen to this episode of Help Me Teach the Bible.


Editors’ note: 

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