“The most influential women’s leader at your church may be someone who has never stepped inside its sanctuary.”

When Leigh Swanson read these words in a Christianity Today article by Kate Shellnutt titledThe Bigger Story Behind Jen Hatmaker,” they rang completely true. As a Bible teacher, pastor’s wife, and seminary administrator (Swanson is vice president of community relations at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando), she knew that women can be slow to step up to teach in the local church for a number of different reasons. So when the leadership of RTS Orlando began to discuss what they could do to serve their local community, Swanson saw a connection between the need to train women teachers and all the RTS Orlando faculty has to offer.

On this episode, Swanson tells the story of “Teaching Women to Teach,” a year-long, once-a-month training session series for women Bible teachers in the Orlando area—what they covered, how the women responded, and what they learned about what women want and need to be equipped to teach the Bible.