Michael Stead on Teaching Haggai

Michael Stead on Teaching Haggai

Nancy Guthrie interviews Michael Stead

It’s not every day—or decade—that we hear someone teach through the short book of Haggai. When we do, it’s often employed in the midst of a church building campaign to stir people to give financially toward the effort.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Stead is the Anglican bishop of South Sydney and a part-time lecturer in Old Testament at Moore Theological College. In our conversation (and in the section on Haggai that he contributed to the ESV Expository Commentary: Daniel-Malachi), Stead walks through the three main emphases in the short prophetic book—building God’s house, glory, and foundation. According to Stead, teaching from Haggai “needs to be grounded in the book’s historical context and shaped by a biblical theology that demonstrates how the theological themes of the book find their fulfillment in Christ.”

You can listen to our conversation here.

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