Theology of C. S. Lewis

Examine Selected Writings of C.S. Lewis to Better Understand the Man, His Apologetics, His Theology, and His Influence

Curated from a lecture series by W. Andrew Hoffecker

Course Introduction

About the Course

The objectives of this course are twofold:

  1. To provide a comprehensive analysis and critique on the theology and apologetics of C.S. Lewis.
  2. To examine and evaluate C.S. Lewis’ theology on the Trinity, morality, virtue, epistemology, literature, history, miracles, education, and myth.

Each section of this course will introduce students to Lewis, his works, and his beliefs. The following work is recommended in addition to Lewis’ works that will be discussed.

About Dr. W. Andrew Hoffecker

Dr. Hoffecker, Professor of Church History Emeritus, brings extensive teaching experience to the RTS campus. As a Professor of Religion at Grove City College for 25 years, he taught a wide variety of classes: Church History, Apologetics, Systematic Theology, Missions, Medieval Philosophy, C. S. Lewis’ Apologetics, and Christianity and Culture, to name a few. He received his B.A. from Dickinson College, his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from Brown University. He also served as a Captain in the United States Army. Dr. Hoffecker has contributed numerous historical articles in the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology and the Dictionary of Christianity in America as well as longer pieces on Benjamin B. Warfield in Makers of Christian Theology in America and C. S. Lewis in The Cresset. His doctoral work in the theology of Old Princeton resulted in Piety and the Princeton Theologians and in his biography of Charles Hodge. He has edited a sequel to Building a Christian World View, entitled Revolutions in Worldview.

The Life and Apologetics of Lewis

  • Part 1: The Life of C. S. Lewis

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 50 min

  • Part 2: Lewis' View of Apologetics

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 40 min

Mere Christianity

  • Part 1: The Moral Argument

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 31 min

  • Part 2: What Christians Believe

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 43 min

  • Part 3: Christian Behavior

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 37 min

  • Part 4: The Trinity

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 27 min

Additional Resources


  • Part 1: Introduction to Lewis' Epistemology

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 46 min

  • Part 2: Imagination as the Organ of Meaning

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 38 min

  • Part 3: Reason as the Organ of Truth

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 48 min

Additional Resources

Creativity & Historicism

  • Part 1: Creativity

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 54 min

  • Part 2: Historicism

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 25 min

Additional Resources

Miracles (Part 1)

The following lectures address the first 12 chapters of Lewis’ work on Miracles.

  • Part 1: Naturalism and Supernaturalism

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 36 min

  • Part 2: Intellectual Objections to Naturalism

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 44 min

  • Part 3: Objections to Supernaturalism

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 62 min

  • Part 4: Objections to Supernaturalism

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 23 min

Additional Resources

Miracles (Part 2)

The following lectures address chapters 13–17 of Lewis’ work on Miracles.

  • Part 1: Humean Probability, Biblical Probability

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 43 min

  • Part 2: The Grand Miracle

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 61 min

  • Part 3: Miracles of the Old Creation

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 40 min

  • Part 4: Miracles of the New Creation

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 67 min

Additional Resources

Out of the Silent Planet

  • Part 1: Myth as Apology

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 50 min

  • Part 2: A New Realistic View of Man

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 50 min

  • Part 3: Scientific Humanism on Trial

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 45 min

Additional Resources


  • Part 1: Imaginative View of New Nature

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 41 min

  • Part 2: Temptation of the Queen

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 57 min

  • Part 3: Battle with the Un-man

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 26 min

  • Part 4: The Great Dance

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 27 min

Additional Resources

That Hideous Strength

  • Part 1: Three Sets of Opposition

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 34 min

  • Part 2: Education in Dystopian University

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 70 min

  • Part 3: Education in Objectivity to Descent of Gods

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 53 min

Additional Resources