New Testament Basics

Learn How the New Testament Fits Together and How to Study It in Context

Curated from a lecture series by Sid Buzzell

Course Introduction

About Dr. Sid Buzzell

Dr. Sid Buzzell is the Dean of Christian University GlobalNet and former Dean of the School of Theology at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado, where he taught Bible courses, leadership, and homiletics. He received a B.S. from Philadelphia College of Bible, a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

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Additional Resources
  • DownloadNew Testament Basics: Leader's GuideFiletype: .pdf

    This guide is designed to help a group study this material together.

  • DownloadNew Testament Basics: Book OverviewsFiletype: .pdf

    This document provides helpful context for every book of the New Testament.

New Testament Introduction

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 15 min

The Gospels

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 17 min


Part One

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 18 min

Part Two

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 16 min

The Book of Acts

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 16 min


  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 17 min

The Pauline Epistles

Part One

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 22 min

Part Two

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 21 min

The General Epistles

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 23 min

The Johannine Letters

  • Lecture AudioRuntime: 19 min