Arcing Scripture

Learn the Basic Concepts of the Arcing Bible Study Method

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What Is Arcing? Why Is It Important?

Every Bible study method has a different way to approach the scriptures, each allowing you see the text from a different angle.

Arcing is a Bible study method that will help you to see how every single proposition in a passage fits together to support the main point of the text. Arcing will help you to see the text as a whole, while also considering each of its units. Doing so will aid you in understanding the message of a passage.

Getting The BIG Idea

  • What is Arcing?

    A detailed look

  • Arcing in Action

    John Piper demonstrates from 1 Peter 3:8–9

A Simple (Not Necessarily Easy) Method

For this lesson, you’ll want to head over to BibleArc so you can put what you’re learning into practice. After clicking through the tour, select “Discourse” under the “+Add” section.

What is the first step of arcing?

Split propositions.

Click on a word to have it begin a new proposition. Click an X on the left to rejoin two propositions.

What is the second step of arcing?

Draw connections and indicate relationships.

Click where you would like the arc or bracket to begin and end. Indicate a relationship by clicking the “handle.” Click the double arrow to switch the order of a relationship.


The 18 Logical Relationships

Just as with learning a new language, one must learn the “vocabulary” of logical relationships used in Arcing.

Learning From Examples: John 15

Consider the following inspirational and detailed series of examples from John 15:1–17.

John 15:1–3
  • Brief Take-Away

  • Demonstration and Explanation

John 15:4–11
  • Brief Take-Away

  • Demonstration and Explanation

John 15:12–17
  • Brief Take-Away

  • Demonstration and Explanation

John 15:1–17
  • Brief Take-Away

  • Demonstration and Explanation

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Are you ready to get your feet wet? Go to and create your first arc. If this is a Bible study method you desire to master, we encourage you to take the online course Arcing—Learning the Logic of the Bible. Watch the video below for an introduction to the course.