History of the Middle Ages

Summary of Key Events and Introduction to Important Figures in the Church and Broader Culture of the Middle Ages

Curated from the video series by Ryan Reeves


Medieval Life & Society

  • Part 1: Life, Death, & Marriage

  • Part 2: Estates of the Realm

Recommended Resources

The Byzantine Empire (330–1453)

  • Part 1: The Fall of Rome to the Second Council of Constantinople (405–553)

  • Part 2: Justinian I to the Second Council of Nicea (527–787)

The Merovingians (457–752)

Knights & Chivalry (starting in the 700s)

Recommended Resources

Al-Andalus Spain (starting in the 700s)

Charlemagne (742–814)

The Vikings (790–1066)

Alfred the Great (849–899)

The Great East-West Schism (1054)

The Crusades (1096–1212)

  • Part 1: The First Crusade (1096–1099)

  • Part 2: The Later Crusades

The Avignon Papacy (1309–1377)

Black Death (1346–1353)

The Western Papal Schism (1378–1417)