Faith and Work

An Introduction to Faith and Work

Investigate the Secular-Sacred Divide, the Connection between God's Story and Ours, and Matters of Workplace Wisdom

Curated by Bethany Jenkins

Mission at Work

A Sermon Series on Faith in the Workplace

Curated from a Sermon Series by Bryan Chapell
In partnership with Unlimited Grace

A Practical Theology of Work

Explore the Intersection of Faith and Work

In partnership with Biola University

Basics of Business Ethics

Discover the Foundations of Business Ethics

Curated from a Lecture Series by Scott B. Rae
In partnership with Biola University

Business Leadership

Discover Biblical Principles for Leadership from Industry and Thought Leaders

In partnership with Biola University

Career Planning and Discernment

Discover How to Make Decisions Related to Your Career and Give Vocational Advice to Other Believers

Curated by Bethany Jenkins

For the Life of the World

Find Out What It Means to Be in the World But Not of It

Curated by Acton Institute

Ethics and the Medical Profession

A Treatment of Key Vocational and Ethical Issues Related to Medical Practitioners

Curated from a lecture series by Dr. William Edgar
In partnership with Westminster Theological Seminary

The Vocation of an Artist

Curated Resources Designed to Help Artists Consider How Their Faith Connects With Art, Aesthetics, Cultural Engagement, and the Church

Curated by Bethany Jenkins

The Pursuit of Biblical Justice

What Is Justice and What Does It Mean to Pursue It?

Curated by Bethany Hoang, Stephanie Summers, and Bethany Jenkins

Inner-City Ministry

Curated Resources on How to Navigate the Complexity of Missional Life and Ministry in the Modern City

Curated by Jason Cook

Creativity: God’s Imagination & Ours

Marvel at God’s Creativity and Its Reflection in His Creatures

In partnership with Bethlehem College & Seminary

Strangers in America: How Faith Guides Our Politics

Political Engagement from a Christian Perspective

Curated by Bruce Ashford

Christianity, Politics, & Public Life

An Exploration of Current Political Positions and Cultural Challenges from a Christian Perspective

Curated by Bruce Ashford

The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts

Find Joy in God in a World Full of Wonderful Things

Curated from the video series by Joe Rigney
In partnership with Bethlehem College & Seminary