The Westminster Standards

Analysis of The Westminster Confession of Faith

Curated from a lecture series by Sinclair Fergusen

Course Introduction & History

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  • Historical ContextRuntime: 65 min
  • SummaryRuntime: 65 min

Chapter 1

  • Part 1Runtime: 48 min

    Of the Holy Scripture

  • Part 2Runtime: 43 min

    Of the Holy Scripture

Chapters 2-3

  • Chapters 2-3Runtime: 76 min

    Of God, and of the Holy Trinity
    Of God's Eternal Decree

Chapters 4-6

  • Chapters 4-6Runtime: 71 min

    Of Creation
    Of Providence
    Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and of the Punishment Thereof

Chapters 7-8

  • Chapters 7-8Runtime: 67 min

    Of God's Covenant with Man
    Of Christ the Mediator

Chapters 9-11

  • Chapters 9-11Runtime: 74 min

    Of Free Will
    Of Effectual Calling
    Of Justification

Chapters 12-15

  • Chapters 12-15Runtime: 75 min

    Of Adoption
    Of Sanctification
    Of Saving Faith
    Of Repentance unto Life

Chapters 16-17

  • Chapters 16-17Runtime: 78 min

    Of Good Works
    Of the Perseverance of the Saints

Chapters 18-19

  • Chapters 18-19Runtime: 77 min

    Of the Assurance of Grace and Salvation
    Of the Law of God

Chapters 19-21

  • Chapters 19-21Runtime: 73 min

    Of the Law of God
    Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience
    Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day

Chapters 22-26

  • Chapters 22-26Runtime: 75 min

    Of Lawful Oaths and Vows
    Of the Civil Magistrate
    Of Marriage and Divorce
    Of the Church
    Of the Communion of the Saints

Chapters 27-29

  • Chapters 27-29Runtime: 68 min

    Of the Sacraments
    Of Baptism
    Of the Lord's Supper