The Authority of Scripture

Learn about the Bible's Authority and Inerrancy in Lectures That Cover Archaeology, Miracles, Prophecy, and More

Curated from a lecture series by E. J. Young

Course Introduction

About Dr. E. J. Young

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God-Breathed Scripture

  • God-Breathed ScriptureRuntime: 78 min

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Scripture, Archaeology, & Miracles

  • Scripture, Archaeology, & MiraclesRuntime: 81 min

Genesis 1-3

  • Genesis 1 (Part 1)Runtime: 58 min
  • Genesis 1 (Part 2)Runtime: 57 min
  • Genesis 2Runtime: 53 min
  • Genesis 3Runtime: 68 min

Are There Errors in the Bible?

  • Are There Errors in the Bible?Runtime: 43 min

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The Immanuel Prophecy

  • The Immanuel ProphecyRuntime: 54 min

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The Unity of Isaiah

  • The Unity of IsaiahRuntime: 55 min

The Servant of the Lord

  • The Servant of the LordRuntime: 54 min

The Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch

  • The Mosaic Authorship of the PentateuchRuntime: 52 min

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The Authorship of Daniel & the Psalms

  • The Authorship of Daniel & the PsalmsRuntime: 53 min

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