Educational Foundations

Biblical, Theological, and Psychological Foundations for Training Ministries and Practical Instruction on Teaching for Various Settings and Ages

Curated from a lecture series by Donald Guthrie & Tasha Chapman

Course Introduction

About Dr. Donald Guthrie

About Dr. Tasha Chapman


BS in Mechanical Engineering

Rice University

Houston, TX

MRE and PhD (Educational Studies)

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Deerfield, IL

Tasha started teaching education courses and mentoring women at Covenant Seminary in 2002. Since then she has served with staff teams for Distance Education, Student Life, international students, the Doctor of Ministry program, the Center for Ministry Leadership, and Academic Administration.

Previous to coming to Covenant, she worked in campus ministry and then directed women’s ministry in a local church. She views educational ministry as the lifelong process of growing toward maturity in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit with the body of Christ. Her courses study relevant applications of current educational research, learning theories, and methods that can strengthen our ministries. Her current consulting and research focuses on leadership and self-stewardship in ministry, cross-cultural learning, and instructional and curriculum design. She co-authored Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving (IVP, 2013) and contributed to the ESV Women’s Devotional Bible (Crossway, 2014).

Tasha is married to the other Dr. Chapman at the seminary. They have two young adult daughters, who try to keep them media literate. She particularly enjoys hiking and cooking and eating ethnic foods, having never met a chili pepper she didn’t like.

  • IntroductionRuntime: 37 min

Biblical & Historical Foundations

  • Biblical & Historical FoundationsRuntime: 47 min

Educational Framework & History

  • Educational Framework & HistoryRuntime: 58 min

Learning Theories, Styles, & Climates

  • Learning Theories, Styles, & ClimatesRuntime: 47 min

Human Development

  • Part 1Runtime: 57 min

    Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory; Jesus's developmental process

  • Part 2Runtime: 69 min

    Educational use of pop-culture and media; propositional knowledge vs. personal knowledge; the effects of modernism and postmodernism.

  • Part 3Runtime: 51 min

    How children and adolescents learn and grow in different domains; implications of the stages of cognitive development; Larry Kohlberg’s theory of moral development; William Perry’s Scheme of Cognitive and Ethical Development.

Learning Methods & Models

  • Part 1Runtime: 57 min

    The Gospel as a foundation of teaching; media critique; the use of questions to challenge assumptions.

  • Part 2Runtime: 22 min

    Q&A and resources.

Organization & Administration

  • Part 1Runtime: 47 min

    Chronically anxious systems and calm systems; using questions in order to evaluate systems and one’s role in the system.

  • Part 2Runtime: 56 min

    Grid of power and interests; power, interests, and relationships when planning a meeting.

Graded Educational Ministry

  • Part 1: ChildrenRuntime: 54 min

  • Part 2: Youth & AdultsRuntime: 62 min

  • Part 3: Senior AdultsRuntime: 27 min

Curriculum & Small Groups

  • Curriculum & Small GroupsRuntime: 65 min