Business Leadership

Discover Biblical Principles for Leadership from Industry and Thought Leaders

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A Different Paradigm

Ken Blanchard, author of One Minute Manager, encourages his audience to follow Jesus’ example of leadership. He explains that the focus on leadership must be servanthood and love.

A Different Perspective

Ken and Margie Blanchard discuss how leaders can develop definite self-identity, principles, and expectations for the benefit of those who support and depend upon them.

A Different Relationship

Author Nancy Ortberg speaks about leadership, relationships, and how to develop a team. She explains that trust, honesty, and conflict are all powerful tools that a leader must learn to utilize and gives practical examples of their applications. She closes with a session of Q&A.

Short Answers on Business Leadership

The following video series addresses key questions and issues of business leadership from a variety of perspectives.

  • CEOs: Modern Day Shepherds

    Christian Leadership Panelists discuss how CEO's and executives can act as shepherds to their employees, and the importance of treating all people as being made in the image of God.

  • Leadership is a Huge Responsibility

    Bill Pollard talks about the enormous responsibility of leadership especially in developing the character and growth of employees.

  • Being a CEO Was My Ministry

    Bill Pollard, former CEO of The ServiceMaster Company, argues for the importance of mission and cause-oriented business, and the necessity of treating people as made in the image of God.

  • How Can Business Executives Integrate Their Faith?

    Christian Leadership Panelists discuss the need for practical theological and leadership resources for executives making tough life and business choices.

  • How Have Fellow Christian CEOs Helped You?

    Christian Leadership Panelists discuss the importance of peer relationships for success in business and ministry.