17th-18th Century Church History

A Survey of Critical Events in Both Centuries with an In-depth Look at the Enlightenment

Curated from the video series by Ryan Reeves

The 17th Century

The Age of Enlightenment (1650–1850)

  • Part 1: Context and the Examples of Bacon & Descartes

  • Part 2: Overview of the Radical Enlightenment

  • Part 3: Voltaire's Role in the Radical Enlightenment

John Wesley

What was the name of the small group that John Wesley and George Whitefield were a part of?

The Holy Club

Where did the term "Methodist" come from?

Observers of John Wesley and his followers labeled them as religious enthusiasts who were obsessed with the “methods” of holy living. Thus, they were called Methodists.

What group had a profound impact on John Wesley during his journey to Georgia?

The Moravians

Wesley & Whitefield

What was the internal split that divided Methodism into two groups?

The internal split was a theological disagreement found in the two main groups within Methodism: the United Societies, led by John Wesley, and the Calvinist Methodists, led by George Whitefield.

Did John Wesley and George Whitefield become enemies as a result of their theological differences?

No. They agreed to disagree over their theological differences and remained close friends. John Wesley even preached at George Whitefield’s funeral.

The 18th Century