Basics of Business Ethics

Discover the Foundations of Business Ethics

Curated from a Lecture Series by Scott B. Rae
In partnership with Biola University

The Starting Point: Serving God in Vocation

Dr. Scott Rae examines what it means to truly serve God in the area of vocation. Dr. Rae looks into the extremely important relationship between the Church and each individual member’s personal calling.

The Sustainable Alternative: Virtue in Business

Dr. Scott Rae discusses the immensely important topic of business ethics and its inseparable connection to Christian economics. Dr. Rae proposes the Christian model of business as a more sustainable alternative to corrupted business practice.

The Big Picture: Economics and Ethics of Corporate Policy

Dr. Scott Rae analyzes the place that trustworthiness holds in the contemporary business world. Dr. Rae’s lecture touches on regulation and corporate policy as he promotes core Christian values in the field of business.