Biblical Theology

An Overview of the Covenantal Structure of Biblical Revelation, and How Concepts of Kingdom, Covenant, and Mediator Unify the Scriptures

Curated from a lecture series by Gerard Van Groningen

Course Introduction

About Dr. Gerard Van Groningen
Dr. Van Groningen was a World War II US Army veteran, and the beloved husband for 64 years to Harriet (nee Stuitje). He had a long and distinguished career as a pastor and educator, serving at churches in Borculo, Michigan, and Geelong, Australia, and as a professor at Reformed Theological College in Australia, Dordt College in Iowa, Reformed Theological Seminary in Mississippi, and Covenant Theological Seminary in Missouri. He was a past president of Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois, and was instrumental in establishing Reformed seminaries in Brazil and Latvia.

(From Covenant Theological Seminary’s Obituary)

  • Part 1: Introduction to Biblical TheologyRuntime: 42 min

    Defining and structurally outlining an approach to biblical theology.

  • Part 2: Introduction to Biblical TheologyRuntime: 47 min

    Developing a biblical theology around three key themes of kingdom, covenant, and mediator.

Creation & Covenant

  • Creation & CovenantRuntime: 44 min

    Overview of pre-redemptive and redemptive revelation; understanding creation and its relationship to covenant.

Fall, Judgment, & Covenant

  • Fall, Judgment, & CovenantRuntime: 51 min

    Final observations on creation and covenant; implications of the Fall, protoevangelium, and Noahic Covenant.


  • Part 1Runtime: 50 min

    Introduction to Abraham and analysis of covenant themes in Genesis 12, 15, 17.

  • Part 2Runtime: 46 min

    Concluding observations on Abraham; continuity of covenants with Isaac and Jacob.


  • Part 1: Moses and the ExodusRuntime: 45 min

    The call of Moses and his role as mediator for the people.

  • Part 2: Moses, Sinai, & the CovenantRuntime: 42 min

    Evaluation of key passages in Exodus (19, 20-24, 32-34); aspects of theocratic governance in Exodus.

  • Part 3: Moses in the DesertRuntime: 49 min

    Leviticus and Numbers 1-20

  • Part 4: Moses and the LandRuntime: 44 min

    Numbers 21-36 and Deuteronomy

Living in the Covenant

  • Part 1: Joshua & JudgesRuntime: 48 min

    Evaluating Israel during this period in light of their covenant with God.

  • Part 2: Ruth & SamuelRuntime: 44 min

    A focus on the lives of Ruth and Samuel in the context of their covenant relationship with God.

David & His House

  • Part 1: The Covenant with DavidRuntime: 47 min

    How the covenant was established and worked out through David’s life and reign.

  • Part 2: The Davidic HouseRuntime: 42 min

    Evaluating Solomon and the Davidic line of kings in the context of the covenant.

The Prophets

  • Part 1: The Early ProphetsRuntime: 43 min

    The role of the prophets in God’s covenant relationship with His wayward people.

  • Part 2: The Eighth Century Prophets to JudahRuntime: 41 min

    A focus on Micah and Isaiah's roles as prophets to Judah.

  • Part 3: The Role of JeremiahRuntime: 44 min

    An overview of the role of Jeremiah in the context of God's covenant with the nation, with emphasis on key chapters in the book (2, 11, 23, 31, 33).

  • Part 4: The Exilic ProphetsRuntime: 40 min

    Evaluating the kingdom and covenant roles of the exilic prophets Daniel and Ezekiel.

Post-Exilic Era

  • Part 1Runtime: 43 min

    A focus on the contributions of Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah.

  • Part 2Runtime: 43 min

    A focus on the contributions of Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

The Gospels

  • Part 1: The SynopticsRuntime: 43 min

    Introduction to New Testament biblical theology.

  • Part 2: The SynopticsRuntime: 43 min

    Tracing key themes in the life and ministry of Jesus and connecting them with the key Old Testament themes.

  • Part 3: The Gospel of JohnRuntime: 44 min

    Examining the unique portrayal of Christ in John's gospel and how it contributes to the concepts of kingdom, covenant, and mediator.

The Book of Acts

  • The Book of ActsRuntime: 47 min

    Tracing the three concepts of the "Golden Cable" through the book of Acts.

The Epistles of Paul

  • The Epistles of PaulRuntime: 43 min

    Understanding Paul’s theology in the context of kingdom, covenant, and mediator.

James, Peter, Jude, & John

  • James, Peter, Jude, & JohnRuntime: 45 min

    Examining the concepts of kingdom, covenant, and mediator in the non-Pauline epistles.