Difficult Questions About My Relationship to Jesus

Resources Curated around Challenging Questions about the Believer's Relationship with Jesus

Curated by Phil Thompson

Jesus Is My Brother — But What Does That Mean?

What does it mean when Scripture calls Jesus our “brother” or our “fellow heir”? Isn’t he our Lord? Does calling him this belittle him as God himself who reigns over us?

If you have ever pondered these things, keep exploring below.


  • John Piper

  • Randy Alcorn

Why Is It Important To Affirm The Incarnation Of Jesus Christ In Real Space And In Real Time And In Real Flesh?

The trinity distinguishes Christianity from other religions, and the incarnation stands at the heart of Christianity. In order for Jesus to redeem us, he had to become one of us.

Thus, it is important to affirm this reality, but what are we really affirming? Below, a few resources will help answer.

  • Erwin Lutzer

Is Salvation Accepting Jesus Into My Heart?

  • David Croteau

  • John Piper

What Are The Implications Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ?

  • Erwin Lutzer

  • Adrian Warnock & Justin Taylor

  • Adrian Warnock

How Is Christ My Advocate If His Saving Work Is Finished?

  • John Piper

  • Matt Chandler