Study Joshua

A Short Four-lecture Survey of the Background and Contents of the Book of Joshua

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Course Introduction

About the Course

The book of Joshua covers the period of Israel’s history from the conquest of Canaan to just after Joshua’s death. Although certain events in the book can leave modern audiences feeling more than a little uncomfortable, it helps to remember that God promised to be with Joshua in all that he did, especially in leading the Israelites into the Promised Land, establishing Israel’s tribal inheritances, and calling God’s people to remain faithful to the terms of God’s covenant.

Course Goals:

  • Introduce viewers to the background, purpose and design of the book of Joshua
  • Examine the primary events and major themes in the book of Joshua in relation to their original meaning and Christian application
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Lesson 1: An Introduction to Joshua

This lesson introduces the book of Joshua, including what it meant for its original audience and what it means for us today.


Lesson 2: Victorious Conquest (1:1–12:24)

This lesson addresses the original audience’s challenges associated with warfare by drawing attention to Israel’s extensive victory over the land of Canaan.


Lesson 3: Tribal Inheritances (13:1–22:34)

This lesson explores how Joshua called the people of Israel to live together as heirs of the Promised Land.


Lesson 4: Covenant Loyalty (23:1–24:33)

This lesson reveals the significance of Israel’s call to be faithful to the terms of their covenant with God.