Study Acts

A Short Three-lecture Survey of the Background and Contents of the Book of Acts

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Course Introduction

About the Course

The Book of Acts, also called “The Acts of the Apostles,” is the companion volume to the Gospel of Luke. It records the establishment of the early church under the leadership of the Apostles, and the activity and growth of the church during the middle of the first century.

In the modern church, Christians often turn to the book of Acts to explore questions related to the charismatic gifts, and to investigate different matters related to church government and authority. These concepts are certainly talked about in the Book of Acts. But what was Luke’s main point as he wrote this book? What big picture did he try to give readers as a context for understanding these secondary matters? What was the main thing he wanted his readers to learn and to do?

Course Goals:

  • Introduce viewers to the background and primary message of the Book of Acts.
  • Summarize the structure, content, original meaning and modern application of the Book of Acts.
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Lesson 1: The Background of Acts

This lesson investigates the author, historical setting, and the theological background of the book of Acts.


Lesson 2: Structure and Content

This lesson examines the structure and content of Acts by looking at the ways Luke organized his material, and at the message he intended to teach.


Lesson 3: Major Themes

This lesson explores the three major concepts that Luke addressed as he unfolded the unhindered spread of the gospel of God’s kingdom in the days of the early church.