John Wants to Be Jane: 3 Ways to Counsel a Gender-Confused Child

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Is There Really Anti-Christian Discrimination in America?

According to a recent survey, about half of all Americans believe that evangelicals face discrimination. Some have even talked about them facing persecution. Others argue that Christians are merely mistaking their loss of privilege for persecution. We are clearly living in a post-Christian society where Christian faith is no longer automatically respected. But does a post-Christian world mean that Christians are subject to discrimination? Having studied Christianophobia—or the unreasonable hatred and fear of Christians—I can answer that question. First, I’ll look to see if Christianophobia…
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What a Famous Poet Can Teach Rural Pastors
Early in the year 1633, a rural Anglican priest named George Herbert lay dying of tuberculosis in the village of Bemerton, England. He was not quite 40 years old. Herbert entrusted a friend with a handwritten manuscript of religious and devotional poems. He asked him to deliver the manuscript to their mutual friend Nicholas Ferrar. Ferrar could burn it if he wished. Or, if he thought the poems might help others, he could publish them. Herbert had never before published his English poetry; he wrote his poems for God and kept them to himself, though he seems to have…

What a Famous Poet Can Teach Rural Pastors

Three reasons I’ve been drawn to read and return to this classic work.

How to Thrive in a World of Competing Spectacles

We were created to see Christ. He is the spectacle we seek among this earthly theater.

What Unlikely Converts Can Teach Us About Evangelism (and Ourselves)

The gospel is for everyone. And the task of evangelism includes every Christian—even those you’d least expect.

How a Book on Doubt Changed My Life

Christian faith is rooted not in the absence of doubt but in an abundance of hope.