The Bible is a unique library of religious texts. Biblical theology enriches our understanding of this library by exploring how the different biblical books contribute to its overall theological message and how in turn this overall message influences our appreciation of each book.


The discipline of biblical theology affirms the theological unity of the Old and New Testaments, while recognizing the diversity of the biblical books in terms of content, genre and provenance. Affirming the divinely inspired nature of the whole Bible, the discipline of biblical theology attempts to explain how this remarkable anthology of religious texts conveys a unified theological message. Responding to those who dismiss the idea of a single theology that encompasses the entire Bible, advocates of biblical theology focus on the coherence of the biblical story of redemptive history. Biblical theology explores the relationship between the Old and New Testaments by drawing on such concepts as promise-fulfilment and typology.


Not Two Kingdoms, But Two Ages

For centuries Christians have considered different ways of relating the church and the world, particularly with respect to the God-established authorities in each domain. I would like to offer an alternative.



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