“The nature of the gospel,” Graeme Goldsworthy observes, “is such that it establishes Jesus Christ at the center of the biblical message.”

To that end, we looked across the whole scriptural narrative to see Christ as the center at Clarus ’18 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Stephen Wellum and Trent Hunter preached messages on the covenantal progressions in Scripture, alongside their new book, Christ from Beginning to End.

Attended by 700 from across the region, Clarus is TGC’s Southwest Regional Conference hosted by Desert Springs Church in partnership with TGC Albuquerque.

Below you’ll find videos of the conference talks, including links to audio and blog summaries. Click here for blog posts from this year’s conference that includes photos, songs, and session summaries.

Session 1—Stephen Wellum

“Adam” (audio | blog recap)

Session 2—Trent Hunter

“Noah” (audio | blog recap)

Session 3—Trent Hunter

“Abraham” (audio | blog recap)

Session 4—Stephen Wellum

“Moses” (audio | blog recap)

Session 5—Trent Hunter

“David” (audio | blog recap)

Session 6—Stephen Wellum

“Jesus” (audio | blog recap)

Session 7—Panel Discussion with Trent Hunter and Stephen Wellum

(audio | blog recap)

Session 8—Stephen Wellum

“Church” (audio | blog recap)

Session 9—Trent Hunter

“New Creation” (audio | blog recap)

Wrap-up posts from previous Clarus conferences: