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Christ’s Letters to the 7 Churches

God speaks to his people throughout the Scriptures. But what does he say to actual local churches?

To that end, we set aside time to study Jesus’s words to his church from the Book of Revelation at Clarus ‘19 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kevin DeYoung and H. B. Charles Jr. preached sermons from the sections of Scripture known as the letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor.

Attended by 700 from across the region, Clarus is TGC’s Southwest Regional Conference hosted by Desert Springs Church in partnership with TGC Albuquerque.

Below, you’ll find videos from each of the talks, including links to audio and summaries. You can also see posts from this year’s conference that include photos, songs we sang, and session summaries.

Session 1—Kevin DeYoung

“The Vision of the Son of Man” (videoaudio | blog recap)

Session 2—H. B. Charles Jr.

“Ephesus” (video | audio | blog recap)

Session 3—Kevin DeYoung

“Smyrna” (video | audio | blog recap)

Session 4—H. B. Charles Jr.

“Pergamum” (video | audio | blog recap)

Session 5—Kevin DeYoung

“Thyatira” (video | audio | blog recap)

Session 6—H. B. Charles Jr.

“Sardis” (video | audio | blog recap)

Session 7—Panel Discussion with Kevin DeYoung

(video | audio)

Session 8—Kevin DeYoung

“Philadelphia” (video | audio)

Session 9—Kevin DeYoung

“Laodicea” (video | audio | blog recap)

Wrap-up posts from previous Clarus conferences: