Why Should Women Care About Biblical Theology?

Nancy Guthrie and Courtney Doctor share their thoughts on why it is important for women to care about biblical theology as it relates to their reading and understanding of God’s Word as a whole. 

Guthrie defines biblical theology as a way of approaching and understanding the Bible as one cohesive story about what God is doing in the world through Christ. Guthrie suggests that biblical theology differs from its companion, systematic theology, which gathers what the entire Bible says about a certain topic like sin or humanity. Guthrie says that as we look at the Bible’s themes, the themes we encounter actually develop throughout the Scriptures. 

Doctor agrees and highlights that biblical theology is progressive revelation in narrative form—we know more about God at the end of the story than we did in the beginning. 

Guthrie says her love of biblical theology began when she started to hear preachers and teachers teach the grander narrative of the Bible, centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. For Doctor, her love for biblical theology started in her class called “Covenant Theology” at Covenant Seminary—a class that dedicated five professors to teach the Bible as one story. Doctor says that parts of the Bible started to make sense to her that were harder for her to understand before. She says it helped her love God more and love his Word more, too. 

Guthrie is passionate about helping other women pull together what they know about the Bible through an understanding of biblical theology. 

In this episode, Doctor mentions Nancy Guthrie’s book Even Better Than Eden.

To hear more from Guthrie, you can listen to her podcast, “Help Me Teach the Bible.”  


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