Courtney Doctor, Vanessa Hawkins, Melissa Kruger, and Trillia Newbell discuss what discipleship is and why it’s important, especially within the local church. The panel defines discipleship as lifelong growing in the knowledge of the Lord, growing in his likeness, and growing in affection for Christ until he returns.

Kruger explains that discipleship isn’t “you becoming like me,” but instead becoming like the Lord together. A practical path to discipleship is outlined during the discussion:

  • Ask boldly for someone to disciple you.
  • Find discipleship within systems in your local church.
  • When you ask for a mentor, express what you want, when you want it, and for how long.

By following these guidelines, discipleship is more attainable for you and your mentor. Kruger describes discipleship like tethering a young sapling to an old oak tree. The sun and rain still make the sapling grow, but it is guided in the right direction by the help of standing beside the older, more mature tree. The panel closes with the reason why we should be a part of discipleship: it has value for eternity.