In his message at TGC19, Trip Lee teaches on the importance of having faith in God during difficult times of suffering. Lee uses two stories from Matthew 8 that display the healing power of Jesus—the healing of the man with leprosy and the healing of the centurion’s servant—to show what true faith looks like.

Lee says that by studying the Word and remembering God’s faithfulness, we nourish and strengthen our faith. He says that real faith isn’t demanding that God heals but instead trusting him to act according to his goodness and sovereignty. Lee emphasizes that healing isn’t always a one-to-one comparison and that we should approach God with humility and trust, acknowledging his power is never in question, no matter the outcome.

Ultimately, Lee encourages us to bring our brokenness to the One who is both able and willing to heal, and to trust and rest in Jesus’s kindness, power, goodness, and saving work until the end, when all things are made perfect.