Compared to any other place and time, we in the West enjoy unprecedented freedom, thanks to philosophical, legal, economic, technological, and medical developments. Yet we’re not measurably happier. We don’t actually enjoy freedom. Why not?

Abdu Murray says it’s because, “Through unfettered autonomy, we make ourselves into gods who are accountable to no one. And then we use our divinity to declare that we are less than human.”

Murray explores this paradox in his new book, Saving Truth: Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post-Truth World. Murray earned a law degree from the University of Michigan and works as North America director of RZIM.

I especially love in this book how he describes Jesus:

Kids rushed to play with him in the sunlit day, and religious scholars secretly met with him in the moonlit night. Women found wholeness in him and thieves found forgiveness. Sinners were convicted by his words, but also redeemed by his actions. Jesus is the convergence of everything we wish were true about our worldviews and about ourselves.

Murray joins me on The Gospel Coalition Podcast to discuss our post-truth world, confirmation bias, freedom vs. autonomy, and more.