In what ways is the gospel unique?

That question opens section four of The Gospel Coalition’s Theological Vision for Ministry. If you’re going to call yourself The Gospel Coalition, you’d better explain why the gospel is such a big deal.

And I think that’s what this statement does. Compared to 10 years ago, I hear more talk about the gospel, and perhaps that’s evidence of this statement sinking in. But whether it’s popular or cliché in another 10 years to speak of gospel-centered ministry, that’s still what TGC will do, because that’s the whole point of our work. Let me quote from section four, since there is no greater privilege or motivation that this: “The gospel moves people to holiness and service out of grateful joy for grace, and out of love of the glory of God for who he is in himself.”

I’m joined on The Gospel Coalition Podcast by Phil Ryken, president of Wheaton College and a TGC Council member, to talk more about the gospel and what a difference it makes in our individual lives and in our churches. We talked theology and application; plus I asked if we’re being too hard on religion in this “spiritual but not religious” era.

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