Philosopher Charles Taylor calls our secular age an “age of authenticity.” In an effort to realize our humanity, we search for an individual identity apart from social authorities, whether political or religious. It’s not hard to see this attitude at work in advertisements and campaigns. And it’s not hard to see why this mindset would pose a problem for disciples of Jesus.

For the sake of our neighbors and our own spiritual health, we must resist this cultural tidal wave. But how? How do we climb inside the “be yourself” narrative to build a bridge to the gospel? How do we address decidedly biblical issues—like sin and judgment—in a decidedly secular age?

In a new roundtable video, first-rate thinkers Tim Keller (TGC vice president and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan) and Russell Moore (president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and author of Onward) sit down to consider such questions with Collin Hansen (TGC editorial director and author of Blind Spots). They guide us through the turbulent currents of today’s cultural waters to the freedom found only in submission to Jesus. Along the way, they help us consider what happens when the prevailing narrative doesn’t deliver the joy it promises, where they see expressive individualism influencing the church, and more.