Five years ago, James Davison Hunter wrote To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World. This book has loomed large in the conversation about how Christians should interact with culture, though many Christian scholars and pastors disagree with Hunter’s prescription that, rather than try to change the world, Christians should seek simply to be faithfully present in the world.

Last week, The Gospel Coalition released a multi-author eBook evaluating and responding to Hunter’s thesis. The book is called Revisiting ‘Faithful Presence.’My guest today on The Gospel Coalition Podcast is Vermon Pierre, one of the contributors to that book. Pierre is lead pastor for preaching and mission at Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of Gospel Shaped Living, the latest installment in the Gospel Shaped Church curriculum published by The Good Book Company and TGC. We talked about what it means for Christians to be “aggressively gracious” as we seek to be a counterculture for the common good.