A church that looks like a country club will definitely appeal to some people. Think of it as an aspirational church, the kind of place people want to join in order to make the right kinds of friends and contacts. But to the outside world, it’s not going to look distinct as a church; it’s going to look like a country club. And you don’t need the resurrection of Jesus to start or sustain a country club.

But what about a church for the downwardly mobile? A church for people who can’t enhance your résumé or boost your bottom line? A church where serving the weak and the poor exposes your own sin and need for the Savior? Now that’s a church that grabs the world’s attention. And it’s the kind of gospel-centered church that The Gospel Coalition exists to support.

My guest on today’s episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast is Vermon Pierre. He’s lead pastor of Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona, and a TGC Council member. He is also the writer and presenter of Gospel Shaped Living, a small-group video and book study published by TGC with The Good Book Company. It’s based on point three, countercultural community, from TGC’s five points of gospel-centered ministry. This might not be the most provocative or controversial section of our Theological Vision for Ministry. But if not, it’s close. And you’ll see why in this interview with Pierre.

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