Complementarianism—the conviction that men and women are equal as God’s image bearers yet have different roles in the church and home—can be a confounding and contentious topic. Some simply do not know what it looks like in practice (let alone what it means in theory), while others have seen it wielded as a weapon of abuse and male dominance—a gross distortion of what the Christ-church picture is designed to display.

In a new roundtable video, Melissa Kruger, Trillia Newbell, and Jen Wilkin help clear away some confusion surrounding complementarianism. Among other things, they consider what healthy complementarianism looks like and help us better grasp the call of all Christians to submit to the headship of Christ. Watch the full six-minute video to hear how a robust grasp of complementarianism both creates safeguards for women and beautifully demonstrates what true submission looks like for all believers.