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In former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s new book, Faithful Presence: The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square (Nelson Books), he asks, “Do our political actions match our theology, or has our theology been taken captive to our political beliefs?”

A political book that’s driven by theology, Faithful Presence offers a stirring call to justice and mercy with humility. Gov. Haslam sees the “image of God” as the foundational truth that can bridge the gap in our polarized political culture. He says humility is the key to overcoming these differences—when you listen to others, and admit your faults, others will be more likely to listen to you. 

The only biblical way for us to walk into the public square is the way Jesus walked toward the cross. He was motivated by love for a broken and hurting people—not to be proven right, or to win the argument, or to gain power for himself.

Gov. Haslam joined me on Gospelbound to discuss political theology, intolerance, his ideal congregation, and why Christians shouldn’t give up on politics.