Should Churches Be Slow or Quick to Embrace New Technology?

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The pace of change in the digital age is staggering. Every year sees the emergence of new platforms, apps, and technologies that each bring possibilities, problems, and power to reshape culture. What should the church’s posture be toward new technologies?

Should churches be early adopters, seeking to leverage new technologies missionally and ecclesially, rather than being a few steps behind? Or should the church take a more cautious approach—not necessarily antitechnology but at least hesitant about adopting technologies before we’ve been able to properly consider their potential downsides? Whether we’re talking about online church, internet evangelism, apologetics on TikTok, or some future hypothetical (virtual church gatherings in the metaverse?), should churches err on the side of front-footed entrepreneurial embrace or “wait and see” skepticism?

These and other related questions are addressed in this debate between Patrick Miller and Jay Kim. Miller and Kim share their arguments and engage in a discussion moderated by Jim Davis, teaching pastor at Orlando Grace Church.

This debate is part of TGC’s Good Faith Debates series. When we keep the gospel central, we can disagree on lesser but still important matters in good faith. In the Good Faith Debates, we hope to model this—showing it’s possible for two Christians united around the gospel to engage in charitable conversation even amid substantive disagreement.