“We need to remember the reality of God and that there is nothing too hard for him. All of us have something in our life where this truth needs to be applied.” — Jackie Hill Perry

In Genesis 22, when Abraham is asked to sacrifice his only son, he obeys immediately. In her message at TGC’s 2022 Women’s Conference, Jackie Hill Perry explained how Abraham’s obedience was directly tied to his unwavering faith in God—for whom nothing is too hard.

When Abraham thought about the sacrifice he had to make in the future, he remembered the resurrection (of his body and Sarah’s) in the past. If God could do a miracle then, he could do a miracle now. Abraham’s faith is proved by his willingness to sacrifice his son and is affirmed by God, who then provides a ram as a substitutionary sacrifice. This provision saves Isaac from death, separation, and destruction.

The ram foreshadows Christ, who is not only our substitution for sin but also the Son of God who returned from the dead to glorify the Father. Perry calls us to remember who God is and what he has done when we’re tested and tried. And just like Abraham, may we come to the other side of our trials refined with a faith that’s affirmed by God.