The Author

Aimee Joseph works alongside her husband, G’Joe, who directs Campus Outreach San Diego. They love watching college students brought from lost to leaders through Christ in the church for the world. Parenting three little boys keeps her busy; writing on her blog and studying the Word keep her sane. She has a passion to see women trained to love God and his Word.

Burn Your Boats: A Warning About FOMO

When we have Christ, we have not missed out on anything. We have gained everything.

You Need Some Borrowed Clothes

We don’t have to fix ourselves.

Enough with ‘I Am Enough’

Sister, there is only one person who is “enough.”

Dissect Your Discouragement

Some deny their discouragement. Others let it dictate. Avoid

Fearful and Favored: An Advent Poem

I’m so thankful for Mary’s example of living as