On this podcast recorded at The Gospel Coalition’s Council meeting in 2012, Don Carson, Tim Keller, and John Piper sat down to answer the following questions:

Why did the founders of The Gospel Coalition include a complementarian stance on gender roles in its confessional statement and theological vision for ministry?

Why should the gospel be tied to a complementarian stance?

If The Gospel Coalition is open to a variety of perspectives on baptism and church government, why can’t it include multiple perspectives on gender roles?

Is there enough evidence for us to believe the Gospels?

In an age of faith deconstruction and skepticism about the Bible’s authority, it’s common to hear claims that the Gospels are unreliable propaganda. And if the Gospels are shown to be historically unreliable, the whole foundation of Christianity begins to crumble.
But the Gospels are historically reliable. And the evidence for this is vast.
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