If we want our kids to love Jesus, we must also want them to love the church. In her message at TGCW21, Megan Hill gives five practical ways to teach our kids to love the local church.

1. Acknowledge our kids’ experiences. Know that church isn’t always easy for them, and talk to them about it.

2. Remove practical obstacles. Sometimes what they don’t like about church isn’t spiritual and can be changed.

3. Teach them church is good. Disciple children at home so that practices at church don’t feel foreign or awkward for them.

4. Affirm their kingdom value. Make sure kids don’t feel like an afterthought but know they’re valued and can be used by God.

5. Invite them to participate. Call them to serve and invite them to love others with you in tangible ways.

Hill closes with an encouragement to parents who are feeling overwhelmed. “Sunday by Sunday, seek to show your kids how good it is to love God’s people and to worship alongside them—you have an advocate in the heavenly places.”

Editors’ note: 

Read more from Megan Hill in her new kids’ book about the church, Meg Is Not Alone (Crossway/TGC Kids, February 2023).