Editors’ note: 

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Russell Moore led a session for TGC’s 2017 Arizona Regional Conference titled “Discipleship and Temptation” as a part of their series “Help Me Follow Jesus.” In his message, Moore addressed four questions that arise from Genesis 3:1–13 and serve as a warning for all who lead others to faith in Christ, disciple them, and teach them the Word of God. The questions posed were:

  1. Who are you (are you tempted to think of yourself higher or lower than you ought)?
  2. What do you want (does it align with God’s desires)?
  3. Where are you going (do you live with an understanding of the coming judgment)?
  4. What have you done (are you allowing your sin to be exposed in order to overcome it)?

“If you and I are discipling people, leading people to faith in Christ, and leading people in the Word of God,” he said, “we must understand what it means to wrestle, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in the heavenly places—which means we have to understand the nature of temptation as it intersects with discipleship.”