Anna was just 9 when she first saw porn. She walked into a room where a family member was watching it on TV. This same person would sexually abuse Anna throughout her childhood. As Anna grew up and tried to make sense of the abuse, she turned to porn looking for answers. It quickly became her go-to way of dealing with stress or pain.

Nate was a seminary student when he started viewing hardcore porn. He went on to become a pastor, and yet his porn addiction drove him into riskier and riskier sexual behavior. He learned to “disassociate” his sexual life from the rest of his life. Suddenly, things came to a head.

Garrett was pastoring a small-town church. He felt isolated and discontent, and regularly turned to porn for affirmation. He hated living as a hypocrite. Before he knew it, the whole town had found out.

Anna, Nate, and Garrett were Christians, but they were enslaved to porn. In today’s podcast, a special collaboration with Love Thy Neighborhood, we hear how the gospel freed them from their addictions and helped them grasp why they sought comfort in porn in the first place.

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